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October 14, 2013


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Rachel Greig

Great tips Nic! Glad to hear you had a great trip! Anaheim is awesome :)


Hey Nic..I am CDN. and can help a bit more....if you are at Disney and you come out the gates there is a bus stop RIGHT there...if you catch the Octa #43 bus and get off at Chapman ave. that is where the Target is, the Octa will cost adults $1.50.
We stayed at the HOJO Anaheim also...the kids waterpark is fantastic including waterslides and a wading pool for the little ones.
If you have babes in a stroller...buy bottled WATER at Target and take or buy a cooler bag. Keep the water in the fridge in your hotel and take a few bottles with you daily it's much cheaper and if you have the stroller you don't have to carry it anyway.
You can also buy some souvenirs at Target. If you want T shirts when you come out of Target head right and you will see a store named Big five sporting goods store (it's a Big sign that's why I gave you the name of that store) just beyond that (like 2 doors down) is a store called Dickies Brand name - they have T shirts for GREAT prices. Food is also cheaper down there (there are several good eateries I highly suggest the Carl's Jr.) because you have crossed over to Garden Grove and not in Anaheim anymore-there is a Taco place just down from there and they have Tacos for like 50 cents each.
Oh and if you want to order in at the hotel ask for the
menu for ROUND TABLE PIZZA- it's one of the best pizzas I have ever eaten...EVER. :D
HTH someone!

Mandy Blake

FANTASTIC post thanks
love all the ways to save money and ideas on what to ask for when staying and posting goodies to hotels...
have also pinned on my disney board!!!! (pinterest!!)
cant wait for post #2

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