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September 12, 2013


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awesome for your family..We are going in December:):)


That's awesome Nic - fantastic story and I can't wait to see the pictures of the Howard Family. Have a fantastic time - I know you all will :-)

Janelle Jones

Oh wow..so exciting for your family. Yes you are quiet right..time moves very very fast and we have to make the most of every single day. Your kids will love it and what wonderful memories you will build on!


Have fun Nic - your kids will absolutely love it.


Nic that is so awesome!! Hope you guys have a super time. Life is INDEED short and you are so right about spending the time with your kids now and making great memories for them.


That is an amazing story. Hope you make many fab memories:)


good for you - nothing like the present and your kids will have a ball !

Claire Daly

Awesome Nic. I so agree with that philosophy. We did the same thing just last month and my boys 8 and 11 had the absolute best time ever. Such a happy place for amazing memories of a lifetime.


FANTASTIC! The kids are of the age where they will really enjoy it all-they grow up so quickly.


So excited for your family. It will be a trip that your kids, like you, will never forget. Let the countdown begin.

Belinda Basson

I think I have to make a plan and also do this for my son. You are right. Life is too short. I too have pictures of me in the 80's looking every bit as gawky! Some memories are worth some sacrifices.

paula c

love this post - you won't be sorry.

Danielle Tilley

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I had the same luxury as you, Nic! And the scraps to prove it! The other day i found my disneyland ticket from 1981. lol!! And i've promised to do the same with our family too.. working on it, hopefully soon!! Have the BEST time!!!

Leanne in CA

So awesome! I love the 1980s scrapbook, that is really priceless. Have a fabulous trip and enjoy every second of it!!


Awesome! Love the 80s scrapbook it's in the blood huh! Have a fantastic time :-)


What a beautiful post! Love your diary and that Abby will be making her own. Have an absolutely awesome time (silly me, of course you will).

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