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August 27, 2013


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aww it sounds like a lot of "work" but it working!!! yay for the family, and just out of curiosity, whats the longest you have stood in front of a product (im guessing muesli bars) reading labels?

Louise Nakkan

Ive been following your food journey with Jacob really keenly Nic as we have also embarked on a no-sugar, wholefood path here in our family in Oz. Made a few of the recipes youve put up here with great reception from kids and hubby, and last night/this morning made the breakfasty thing you noted here with oats, coconut, almond milk etc. I have to say it was FAB, hubby and I loved it. I did add a tiny bit of Stevia for sweetness, but gosh it was nice. Feeling happier and healthier ( but poorer as you have also noted!!) so glad to hear that its producing results at your end too- well done. Looking forward to seeing you at Artventure in a few short weeks!! whoo hoo...


Awesome blog Nic. :) I am sure I have seen a recipe somewhere for making your own fruit roll ups....although Annie's are probably cheaper.




oh yeah Nic.....thats fantastic!! Also high 5's to the man himself jacob....cause eating out in the big wide world is even a challenge for me let alone a teen!!

Debbie K

Off to hunt down some quest bars !!

Happy to hear that all is going well in the Howard house Nic. I so believe in making the change to more 'whole foods'.

Deb x x x


Well done Nic. I started cutting out snack foods for my kids this year and went back to basics and baked. I have noticed a huge change in their behaviour. Would ou please be able to share your choc, orange and coconut muesli bar recipe? Thanks. Nicky

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