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March 04, 2013


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Louise Williams

awesome stuff. :) hope the kiddo is well again too


wow that's amazing Nic and to think something so fragile would still be in one piece, I definitely believe it was a sign too :) Take comfort in knowing that


Wow i see what you meant but sitting down to read this - very powerful post Nic - I hope which ever kid has got so unwell is well now or coming right...Lots of love and hugs....


Love this story Nic - absolutely touched my heart today.

Kathy Gielow

Gives me goosebumps and brings tears to my eyes. There are always signs of our loved ones watching over us. I lost my husband to brain cancer 3 years ago, and yet he always lets me know that he is taking care of me. It doesn't make his loss easier, just comforting. I wish you peace.

Kim Russell

Oh Nic, this was just the perfect moment for me to wake up to this morning and read your blog. You are such a real inspiration to so many people and we love you, thankyou for sharing this, a bad start to my day has now become a better one for reading this xxx

donna p

Love the story nic kia kaha to you and Paul


Wow, what an amazing story and blessing. Hope things start looking up for you all and that your sick child is much better. Take care and thanks for sharing.

Kim Thomas

Wow, that is an inspiring story. Angels really do exist. God bless you, and your family.


That is beautiful, Nic xx. Hope the kiddo is ok now :) .


My thoughts are with you all at this incredibly tough time.I hope it helps your healing, that by sharing, others are able to show they care.Finding the leaf is amazing!

Lisa Henderson

You brought me to tears today. But I hope you continue to find comfort and that your child gets well.

Martha Richardson

What a truly amazing story...there are no coincidences in life so this truly was meant to be found in the way that you did. Find comfort in this ;)

Dayna Howard

I cried reading that Nic. How beautiful xxx

Lynda Manning

Hugs for the Howards.xox


Awesome encouraging post. Grace and peace to your family.

When you have the time, mind and heart space to contemplate it and discuss with the family, I recommend sharing the photos and letters with an institution like the National Library. The glimpse into that era and activities would be a real contribution to their collection and to future researchers into NZ history. (http://natlib.govt.nz/collections/donations).

Lindsey March

Lump in throat now. I hope this year gets better and better for you guys.

Janelle Jones

(Tears falling down face). Thank you so much for sharing this personal story. You are amazing Nic and you impart so much to so many people in so many ways. This reminds us all to take the time to listen and look....I am so glad you had that moment and you will no doubt continue to have more. We are never alone....bless you heaps.

Jo Baker

Sorry to hear that times have been so tough recently Nic and hope that whichever of the kids are sick they are on the road to a very quick recovery. What a wonderful sign from your father in law to remind you that he is always looking over you and how fabulous that you are tuned in enough to see these wonderful reminders.

Take care of you and the family through this time and remember that it takes some rain to make rainbows :)


Amazing post Nic and I hope your child is well on the road to recovery. Gives ya goosebumps. Hugs to you all

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