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March 08, 2013


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Mary Rogers

I noticed it because I have a friend, and a brother who both recently had leisons removed and know what to look for. Both have outside jobs in the sun all day.

I am thankful they spotted it on your husband right away. Quick recovery I hope.


The very best of wishes for relay for life this weekend.So glad you managed to get paul to the dr for a check!

Jo Baker

I'm so impressed Paul goes with you to the doctor for these checkups - mine has to be on death's door to agree to see a doctor. Thanks for the photo, a good reminder to check those we care about.

Love your latest leaf :)


wow would have never guessed


OMG that kit is beautiful Id be stoked if you popped me on the list :)
I picked that mole, and no Im not that good, but I had the same thing on my head, the one place I do sunblock and still got it :(

Janelle Jones

Good reminder for everyone to have their skin checked. I had my very first check just in January this year. So glad I did. Nothing wrong but some things that need to be watched. I think I am now also much better at protecting my skin after that visit.
As usual, your kit / page is absolutely gorgeous.
All the best for this weekend. It will be super hot. Drink lots of water and have lots of arnica cream ready to put on your calves!

Belinda Basson

I saw it, my gran had lots, I check myself regularly for them too. Luckily I have textbook skin so far too...Now I want those choc chip peanut butter dough cookies too...yum


I picked it straight away but then working with hubby for so many years I know what I'm looking for. Glad it is coming off. Have a great weekend and send me some of those yummy cakes please


I had two very similar spots removed from my chest late last year and my doc thought they would come back clear but he did not like the look of them... tests came back that they were bcc's... so good to check any spot which is a little different.... godd luck for the relay, today is so hot but a fab cause :)

Michele in Texas

Sadly, I could pick it out. I've been there. Recently had one removed from my face. Good luck!


Hey Nic, you've been thru the ringer lately. Thinking of you. Hope the family is holding on. I too have had Bcc (on my nose)from years of having a sunburnt nose as a kid! I now get regular checkups and other lesions lasered off, keep the check ups regular. Hope your child is on the road to recovery and hope your marathon went well, it's prety hot out there! You are an inspiration to us all, looking forward to seeing you at AE Taupo.

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