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August 30, 2012


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Dale Rose Stream

Nic....you are a TRUE crafter, making a mold of your SNACKS!!! That would be dangerous for me though....I'd probably end up eating one or more of the new resin items while working on a project! Genius though! It definately wouldn't help me attend to lose a few pounds, because I'd keep seeing them everywhere!


I'm still laughing out loud thinking about the cameo creme biscuit!But, it sure looks good.I so love the resin molds.


Fantastic creations - I can see how it could be addictive (looking for more items to make molds) Happy creations. Look fwd to seeing how you use them.

Erica Lasham

What an awesome idea.

Michelle Frisby

OMG I so do not need Pinkysil ... do I ... but I do need those bookplates and those heart wings ...

suz doyle

you want to watch someone doesn't eat that. only you would mold a biscuit. i'm guessing you didn't have any cadbury creme eggs on hand?

jenny holiday

This is so so FUN!!! Thanks bunches for sharing!!! :)

xo Jenny

Debbie Kingston

That's awesome Nic...extremely cool indeed. I have tried making moulds with a different product in the past, and while they worked okay, they didn't turn out nearly as good as yours. And on another note, I have been struggling a little with the Barnes Resin. Mix equal parts, check. Mix thoroughly, check. Pour into moulds (designed for this resin...one purchased through you) check. Then wait 36 hours (!!) for it to set...and then still have to put talcum powder over them as they still seemed a bit sticky!! Don't know what I'm doing wrong there. Yours are a white colour, my Barnes resin is a clear colour. :( Any ideas?


OMGosh!!! Where is the best place to purchase Pinkysil and trinkets for me?? I am in Texas, USA. Love the keys and clocks especially. The main thing is getting my hands on some sort of mold maker now that I have seen your blog!!! What would be the next best brand that you have found that I could get stateside?? I have a daughter teaching English in SoKorea, and I know what shipping is like! Advice?? Thanx and keep the blog going, this is great!!! Come see me at tinkartist.blogspot.com [email protected]

Karen Freeman

I have always admired the intricate details of the Cameo Creme. Trust you to find a way to use it in crafting - simply brilliant.


who knew a cookie could be so pretty!! Love the idea of the knex for steampunk!


Is this sold in the United States? Would love to get some to try.

Love your "experimenting".


I hope this doesn't sound stupid, but is the silicon mould safe to use for cooking? I love the idea of making a chocolate mould using this method, but I'm not sure if the moulds would make food unfit for consumption :P


Hi Misty - I was wondering the same thing, so I looked up Pinkysil and they say that they are not certified for food contact applications. So.. if you are using them for say a business (eg. cake decorating business), I'd say no. If you want them to spruce up your Thanksgiving dessert table, I'd wash it really well at the highest heat your hands can handle and probably go for it. Just my two cents!


Your molds look fabulous! Where can you purchase Pinkysil?


Make your own candy ornaments. This is going to be fun.


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Ria Sales

would love to know where in South Africa could I buy the silicone, its lovely+

Carol Barr

I love this idea. Thank you for coming up width something new and sharing it. There are so many beautiful things to make molds of. I can't wait to try it

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