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August 29, 2012


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I love your neighbourhood idea. The tree is beautiful. We have a couple of events each year in our neighbourhood and everyone looks forward to them.


We have a cherry tree exactly like that in our front garden, and we have a couple of branches of blossom :) Also tulips in the garden just about to flower .... Ahhhhhh spring is almost here! Actually as I type it is almost 5pm and I have all the windows open ... this time two weeks ago we were snuggled in front of a roaring fire by 4pm.


That is one seriously gorgeous tree and love how you have photographs of each season. What I also adore is the community seat - what a beautiful setting for people to gather.


must do the "season photo thing" with our tree, mine is outside the kitchen window and attracts the tuis........ just gorgeous!

Dale Rose Stream

What GORGEOUS photos! It's awesome that you can continue to visit the beautiful tree that you planted & that the community gets to enjoy it as well! What a wonderful idea to place a bench beneath it, and that your neighbors meet there to chat....I wish we had a 'community tree'!
I know what you mean in regards to anticipating the bloom or leaf-out of a plant to signal that the warmth is returning to your 'neck of the woods' as we say....


I love this post and the lovely photos and the difference in that tree over the year! What an awesome idea & what a wonderful neighborhood !!

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