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June 19, 2012


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Janine Koczwara

Congratulations Nic, I am so excited to be on this Prima Education team with you! Your designs always inspire!

Vicki J

Nick hope some of your travels bring you to the East Coast USA!! We need alittle in person Nick Howard!

Courtney Walsh

You are so wonderful, Nic!! What a good fit! :) (Are you traveling to CHA this summer by any chance?!)


woohoo Nic! Congrats! Interesting to hear about Tim being a great teacher as I consider the same about you. Cant wait for AE Spring and Autumn!

Beck C

I can't think of anyone better for the job - well done you! What an honour to be INVITED, rather than applying and being chosen. You go girlfriend!!!

PS - How's that BK going for ya? Need some ketchup with that? Ba ha ha ha ha ha


Yay Nic that is awesome! Yes being invited is such an honor - but then they know what they are missing :-)
Time for some Timaru Ketchup - looks like Bec will be ready for you!

Teryl McKenzie

Congrats Nic, very exciting!


well done you, but then they are lucky to have you as you are AWESOME!


Hiya Nic, I've been absent lately lol. Congrats Nic! Gr8 news! I loved the fudge, me and my friend got addicted to it after you made it at the class! Yummy!

and with out giving you time to recover from being Aussie, do you have the Washi tape - been waiting imapatiently for it so I can place my order!

Jo Baker

Woohoo - congratulations Nic and it will be wonderful for all of us to have you back at Prima too and being inspired not only by their wonderful product but your clever ways of using it! Can't wait to see some of the tricks Tim has taught you whilst on our side of the ocean.

High School Diploma

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Congratulations Nic Lovely to hear that you are back on the Team...looking forward to lots more of your wonderful work.

Marcia Smith

WTG Thats awesome news... an encore with PRIMA cant wait to see inspiration and creations you'll come up with on your educator adventures....

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