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June 28, 2012


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I would love to do a class like this with you Nic...have got a little 'stuck' in my ways and need to branch out. This sounds like a perfect opportunity to try some different techniques!

Leeanne O'Connor

it's like the opening paragraph on the big picture page was written with me in mind :)
I would love love to find out the secrets of adding all that dimension to my pages.

Marcia Smith

OMG Loved your work Nic for the longest time. Back since the Mag days .... Id look forward to in a word... EVERYTHING!
In lots of meaningful words ...step by wise step instruction that can turn my pages from drab to fab! Techniques & nspiration from Nic and her team on how to put the wow back in my work and the chance to learn how to put dynamic into multiple dimentions.... oh PLOISE PLOISE PLEASEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well lucky its winter here so I have 13 weeks stuck inside to enjoy this class! ;)
I'm looking forward to learning lots of new techniques and tricks from Nic the expert, and am sure my kids will grow to love cheese-on-toast for tea while I scrap the nights away!

Ann Eade

What I would love most is to learn some of your amazing techniques in my own time, having the opportunity practice and practice them again, so I can use them on my own layouts using photos of my precious children and my precious mum. I'm not overly confident at scrapbooking but I love your classes, learning new ideas and ways to do things differently - with the techniques I learn in your class, I can help others create to help them see the beauty in themselves, their children and in the things they create.

Dianne H

Sounds like a wonderful class. I enjoyed the last Big Picture Class I did. I love the way you layer your embellishments and would love to learn more. It also keeps me motivated having the weekly challenges and inspiration.

Connie Chynoweth

Are you finding yourself admiring detailed layouts in galleries or magazines and wishing you knew how to create projects just the same?

The answer to this is a big YES! Especially your layouts Nic. I really admire your work and would love to learn from you. Something like this would definately help me get back into the groove. Thanks Nic!


I took your self paced Cluster Embellishing at BPC and was so inspired. It changed the way I look at and create a page. I would love to learn even more from you in a workshop! Thanks for the chance to win!

Jo Baker

I did this class back in 2010 and am looking forward to doing it all over again. I'm looking forward to the new content but mostly for the comaraderie that was all over the forum and gallery in the 2010 class - have never done another class like it.


I would LOVE a chance to win a seat in ANY of your classes! This one sounds like FUN! I often stop too soon with my LOs and would love to just "naturally" build it up, that's what I would like to learn from the class!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Cathy G

I would like the chance to take my scrapbooking to the next level - detail is something I really admire in other people's layouts and think is sometimes missing a bit in my own.

I've already take a couple of great classes this year and think this would complement those v well - really tempted to sign up as a birthday pressie to myself...


I would LOVE to win a spot in your class Nic. I have admired the way you combine journaling with beautiful product for ages, and would love to add a little more detail to my layouts...it might just get me scrapping again! Thanks for the chance to win :)

Michelle G.

Would love to win a spot in this class! I'm all about motivation and inspiration, so that is something I would really look forward to during the class. Thanks for the chance to win!


I am so scared of adding too many layers of dimension so I stop at only one or two and it looks blah. Thank you for the opportunity to win a seat in your class Nic, I am busting a valve trying to wing it on my own. =)

Kiki Halbert

I'm looking forward to learning about how to use my stash better, and new techniques to add dimension on the layout.


I haven't had much of a chance to take many classes, but when I have it's been great to learn new techniques. I would love to win a seat in your class.


One of the most difficult things I find when scrapbooking is adding those little details that make the layout special. This class is just what I need to help...I would love to be able to join you. Thanks for the chance!

Margaret Burton

I love your layouts and would love to win a seat in your class. I also like to have a lot of fun.

Dee Sturgeon

I would so love to do another class with you Nic... am down on bended knees begging!!! lol

kellie L

I'd love to learn more about dimensional scrapbooking, which I'd also apply to cards.I'd like to be able to build up the embellishments without it looking over the top. Also love the way Nic builds up her papers and uses different techniques such as distressing the edges etc. It all looks great put together!

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