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March 10, 2012


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beautiful design - so great to have a story behind it that means so much to you - ohhh, i must admit i felt a bit queasy with the first pic! i am a wimp and only just got my ears pierced for my 50th!!! it isn't the pain of having it done, i just can't watch when someone is putting in their ear-rings/nose rings or anything like that!!

donna p

wow awesome design nic go u and i like that it has meaning and tells a story personal to you. Im getting a cover up one done on my ankle for my 50th over a school days one that has pissed me off for years lol.I have parts of the design just need to put it all together. Thanks for sharing.


Peg Nacrelli Graham

Love it girl!!!! I, myself have 6 tattoos, but not one is that big...yet. Love it! (and You have a great shape to show it off as well, so go for it!)



I share ypur feelings about tattoos showing something on the outside that is really on the inside & being personal but on display at the same time. I feel the same way about mine, I just wish more people understood that. Thanks for sharing... inspiring me to get some more work done....

Peg Nacrelli Graham

p.s.- I love Ace of Base too. CD is in my car right now!


wow you are so brave- i could never do that- but have oodles of appreciatiion for people like you that are brave enough !! Good on you for getting something done that tells part of your personal story! BRAVO!


Looks great Nic. xx


I have absolutely no probs with tattoos, as long as they are can be covered sometimes. Must say that I had to breathe into the paper bag when I saw that first pic!!!!! Still have not recovered! We have something in common. No, not tatts but being brought up on north-of-the-bridge farmland. Such a good life.


Looks awesome Nic!! Would love to see it once it has healed properly. I am finally getting my (2nd) one done next week. Been putting it off as it is on my foot and am a bit nervous about that, but excellent artist is coming to visit our town, and I reckon it's now or never. Dont forget to show us once it's nicely healed


Beautiful tatoo! BTW all your hard nutrition and exercise work seems to be paying off - lookin' good!!!


first of all, you have amazing legs. Let's just say it! Rock on girl!

Secondly, I love that you shared this! This is a beautiful design and I love that you worked with the artist to come up with it. Tattoo art is such a personal and cool thing - love seeing yours!


Wow awesome Nic...me I would love to get just a small "Baby Roo" somewhere. LOL Notice I said small...But oh so much meaning!!!

Robbi Bell

Very Very cool!!! I ahve been wanting to get one for years but wanted it to be a kind of "flourish" (gotta get the scrappin in there...) but have the kids initials (names) incorporated, and here in Dunedin the tattoo shops dont look that terribly inviting so ahvent done much about it ....but you might have just about got me thru the door after reading your story, well done

Pearl Maple

Super cool design and very personal piece of creativity


It's beautiful. If I wasn't such a chicken I would get one. But there's the whole chicken thing getting in the way. Becca :-)

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LOL Notice I said small...But oh so much meaning!!!

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