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March 19, 2012


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Hi Nic, my fav's are Mixed Media Home Accents, Jumpstart your Art and DEFINITELY MY MOST FAVOURITE ''Flower Frenzy'' basically because I adore flowers! Thanks for a chance to win! Hugs xxx


well Nic I have to say your class as I always love your work, but, if I have to say anything else it would be the low light photography class, that would be cool and maybe glitter and geeketry

good luck


So apart from yours, Just get it on the page and Finish what you start are for me ... as well as many of the others!
Hope you get your chocolate

Kota Venter

I would love a claas by Nichil Margouirk and Shimelle Laine!


nic i love your work the flower frenzy class looks great!


of course i want to do your class :) actually, any!!!...ummmm i do love Shimelle's work too - thanks Nic!


Jumpstart your art could give me the kick up the butt I need, Glittery & Geeketry looks like I could get hooked on some more things, Just get it on the page would inspire me to get the stuff out of my head, when the lights are low would be cool, Finish What you start might help me get last years Valentine album done in time for next year, the perfect collection looks like I could use alot of the stuff collecting dust LOL, and of course the flowers - who doesn't love flowers?! Allt he classes look fabulous. Hope you get your kisses.

Robyn W

this is so me at the moment "Finish What You Start: Project planning and completion, step by step" so many ufo's kicking around this place

and Shimelles looks great too....

and of course you know how much i love what you do....and of course who doesnt love flowers

thanks for the chance, off to share your blog post on facey for you ....am sure you need hersheys too

Debbie Kingston

Can we really go past flower frenzy??? Also, When the Lights are Low: Low-Light Photography Katrina Kennedy looks good !! Good luck with the Hersheys. Now to figure out how to link this site to FB? I'm not good with that sort of thing....

Diane D

I have to pick just one?? That's tough, but I'm going to have to go with When the Lights are Low with Katrina Kennedy. Photographing in low light has been a personal nemisis of mine and I'd love to conquor it! Thanks for the chance to win!


So many to chose from, Nic!! Of course I love flowers, but I'd have to say Mixed Media Home Accents, Just get it on the Page would be my other favorites!

Lisa VanderVeen

Dude. I will send you as much Hersheys as you want when I send you your other stuff. Am I still waiting on Buckle? What kind of Hersheys do you want? I'll throw them in the box. XOXOXO

Fiona Lally

I have to say that the classes that interest me the most (with the exception of yours *wink*) would be Shimelle's and Nicole Magouirk's class... I can bring you Hersheys too....US stuff from Hong Kong...back to NZ and I'll be there next week......

Ruth in OZ

Well Nic always love your stuff, but to keep you extra happy I think the Cricut class would be great for me, I have this lovely Cricut, a sawg of carts and no inspiration. I am off to share your blog, I mean chocolate is at stake.


BUT I want to do the Flower Frenzy one.....but I think the most practical one for me is - Beyond the Box: Creative ways to add journaling to your pages. I'm rubbish at journaling, but want to do it soooo much, I'm sure a 5 year old could do better than me.....
Then again all the classes look fab, and quite a few I could really do with doing !!!


All the classes sound like fun. Just Get It ON The Page! I'm collecting memories faster than I can get them down on paper. The Make and Takes sound great too!

ruth tacoma

I'd love the stamping one with Nichol. :)


I always enjoy your classes Nic & can never have too many flower ideas. I am also interested in the Pack Your Bags class because my Cricut is not getting enough use.

Natalie Hall

All these classes look amazing! If I had to pick one, it would be "The Perfect Collection with Shimelle Laine." The Flower Frenzy looks pretty awesome too. ;-)

Vicki J

But Nic I can never get enough of you and your classes!! Nicole M and Shimelles look awfully grand too!

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