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February 24, 2012


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I have a brand new Disneyland T that is bigger than I thought it'd be... maybe PERFECT to do this to. DO I dare? I think so...


i may not have told you this lately, but you are just too darn cute.


I'm dying to try this on an old t-shirt! Just wondering how you joined the neck cord? Did you just sew the ends together and hide the join somewhere?


That is awesome. Thanks for sharing Nic. Might just have to go this a go.

vicky varvadouka

WOW!!!! This is SO COOL!!! TFS!!!

Wendy Hammer (Reed)

I am TOTALLY going to do this! Love it. ❤


This is very cool. May I add, I think it is kind of funny/cool to see an Aussie/NZ girl in a Wisconsin T-shirt (being I live in Wisconsin) :)


LOL @ Wendy!
Fantastic idea, am so glad you shared it with us.


I am so glad you, Nic..shared with us I meant (rolls eyes at self).

Dorothy F

You look adorable in your "new" shirt, Nic!


i love so much what you made of this t shirt !!!!


Awesome!!!!! Thanks for sharing :)


It looks so great!! Thanks for linking to my blog!! But like you said.. I can't take credit for the original idea, I found it on pinterest too!!


This is great but I too would like to know how you finished off the neck like?

Mitzi Greene

I need to see the back, I don't understand how you joined the shoulders.


NIC! I was just clicking around pinterest- um, I mean, working, and I saw this cool shirt and said- hey- THAT looks like Nic- and yep. its you. :) HOW cool! BTW- love the shirt! :)


looks great, i have to do this.
the logo actually looks good, it's like a necklace :-)


Love, love, love this. Here in Texas, even t-shirts are too hate to wear!


Love the Wisconsin!!

Kathy Rowley

Did you turn under or finish the arm holes? I love the idea. Looks great!

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