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February 08, 2012


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Teryl McKenzie

Loved seeing this post Nic, I am going to making this cake on Fri for my daughter's 5th birthday party. She is always drawing rainbows so cant wait to see her face. Yours looks fab, hope mine works out the same. I had thought of doing it from scratch but now you have got me thinking. Cheers :)


Happy 8th Birthday Abby! Gosh Nic the kids are growing up so fast! Abby looks so mature not so much that wee girl we had down our way a couple of years ago :-)
Hope you all had a great day, and the cake looks fab!


That cake looks superb, but one would have to eat it sideways, right?? I used to have a rainbow cake for my birthday - chocolate, vanilla and strawberry layers. And of course layered with mock cream which was almost the best bit! Hang on a minute, it was the best bit!!
How did Abby get to be 8 years old??


that cake looks amazing! Dont you just love pinterest?!?!?
Abby looks just like you in this picture, Nic!!
Happy birthday to both Abbey and Jacob!!

sandra de

Love the cake and pinterest is the best.

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