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February 13, 2012


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I love your graphic style. And Penny. And the colours. What's not to like? Baby animals are so cute. I love the way they all of a sudden crash land and sleep ever so soundly. In the doorway, on the sofa, on your lap, uner the table, half off the steps, wherever sleep came calling.

Jenny N

Beautiful layout Nic. I cant wait to see more of your puppy layouts as I always seem to get stuck when I scrap our dog. I agree that they are so much fun and loveable even when being a little naughty


puppies are great. We had not had a puppy in this house for over 13years. We got our Maggie 14months ago and man it was hard work. BUT nuts to me if I have ordered another one and our Rory is now 2weeks old we get him when he is 8weeks. NUTS but cannot wait.


Hey Nic, Penny looks gorgous, we recently got my son a kitten of his own for his 8th birthday - best present ever he reckons! Unfortunately our other cat doesn't agree and the kitten chases him out the cat door every time she shows her face, we were advised to keep a small water gun handy to squirt the kitten with and boy does it work, hardly have to use it now, although I used it on her when she was trying to claw my 12 x 12 paper storage cabinet and I also got the husband a beauty last night as he walked past!! It might work with the puppy, worth a try :)


Ahhh...I remember those days! Potty training, the chewing, etc. I must have gotten a pretty lazy Cavvie. :) He was pretty mellow from the start. I do have a 10.5 year old Sheltie who is still a ball of energy. While she is house broke, we are still reprimanding her. She is a huge food hound, always scrounging around for something (mind you she gets nothing, but keeps trying). And the barking, oh the barking! She is lucky she is cute. :)

Pearl Maple

Sweet page to tell the story of Penny and her many adventures


YUM! I Love the lime green with the kraft/brown, just love it to bits and Penny is just adorable but you already knew that!

We have four cats, each with their own wierd quirks. Pippi eats our curtain netting - literally. I've had to replace them twice already.

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