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February 22, 2012


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this is fun. I did the jan one from fatmumslim too!!
you know you could eat the pie........down side you would need to run 10km to work it off!!....thats scary to thing that a pie can do that much damage in such a short time. So yes your right do the drive by + keep up the good work!!


I'm doing the 365 Project - 1 photo a day(366 this year). Using my phone and not set up (unless I want it to be). I'm not a regulated person so I thought I might 'fail' at this challenge but so far, so good. (I did only remember to do yesterdays photo when I went o turn my phone off before bed!). Great way to document your life.


LOL yes you do need new shoes and because you don't buy the pies - you can have a new pair of shoes he he


I have always loved that layout. So simple yet it says so muc. It gives me goosebumps each time I see it.
Oh I am sooo glad that I am not the only person in the world who wears out her shoes on the top! Bit embarrassing when you are wearing your fave good shoes and you look down and see holes in them!


OK, I'll play along, even if only to show how boring my day's can be, get up, go for a walk, go to work. Who knows I might find something interesting along the way.


I love the idea Nic and I am ready to play along too.
This wonderful layout remins me of my alltime favourite photo . Barry always placed his slippers neatly beside the bed and we woke one morning to find a tiny little pair of slippers placed right beside . Our youngest always sneaked into our bed every night for many years....by the time you get to 5 you are over returning them to their bed. I took a photo and it gives me a warm feeling everytime I look at it....that boy is now 28 and much taller and bigger than his dad.I am getting my camera out now.Not enjoying work at the moment so this is a nice challenge. Thank you Nic. xx


OK. I'm in !! Quite a few of the photos will have to be taken in New Zealand. I'll have to scrapbook about having to do a scrapbook/photo challenge in two countries. Any excuse'll do. Off to print out the list.


Wow, I've never, ever seen or heard of shoes being worn out thru the top before, but I've just gotta ask - how does that happen??
I like the photo a day for a month so I'm going to join you! I hope stick to it!

Margaret Burton

I want to join the challenge also. I did one at Big Picture during December a couple of years ago. I like that you wrote out the list already so we can be prepared. Thanks for doing this.

Pearl Maple

Great challenge Nic, life goes by in a blur and worth taking a second to appreciate the moments (and pie)


Hi Nic! I've been going since January 5th! And haven't missed a day. Seeing as I don't really get the chance to scrapbook these days, I figured this is a way of still keeping the memories :). Maybe I'll be inspired to do a layout a month with them.

vicki boutin

love the shirt...love the layout...it is actually in my fans somewhere.

I am going to play along with this photo a day challenge! Can't wait to see what you come up with!


Only just found this and aim to play too :)

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Oh I am sooo glad that I am not the only person in the world who wears out her shoes on the top! Bit embarrassing when you are wearing your fave good shoes and you look down and see holes in them!

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