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February 07, 2012


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Happy Birthday Jacob! 13 WOW did you know that 13 year olds also get an allowance raise?(got to make up for the stolen/borrowed Jandels somehow lol)
Hope you had a lovely birthday :-)

Tara O'Rourke

Happy birthday to your new teenager! Lucky you...either you are tall or I am short because my oldest son beat me in height around the age of 11.5-12. My 9 year old? I can rest my chin on his head already. ACK.


Happy Birthday Jake!! Don't you love when you can borrow their shoes... or maybe not a good thing when you have a daughter cuz then it's your shoes that go missing! :) My middle will be 14 in March. Where has the time gone? she is about 5'1" - still one of the shorter kids at school, but not much shorter than me. I have a feeling she will be taller than her older sister, who is almost 24 and about 2" shorter than me.


so handsome!!

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