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October 19, 2011


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this is both delicious and happy looking. I love the pictures, the competitive spirit and yummy treats. can't wait to see the layout.

Joni Kix-Moore

How fun is this! Those kids are FABULOUS bakers! They could teach me a thing or two...
I love finding lost photos, it's like finding buried treasure! I once found 12 year old photos on a old floppy. They were adorable! SCORE! TFS your layout!


Cooking competition - what a brilliant idea! I think we might be having one of them in our family. Maybe not boys against the girls though.


Great layout...love that BG range....and Yum!!!! I wouldn't have minded being the judge! What a cool idea!


I love the holidays too - less rushing, more relaxing all round! We've been back at school 3 weeks now so after Friday we've 7 to go, not that i'm counting ;) Wow, that cooking competition is a fab idea! The outcome looks delicious. Take care xx

Natalie Hall

I'm always looking for ideas for back to school pages and your layout is very inspiring. Thank you!


I love the lo and how it came together is brilliant in its own way. Sometimes stuff happens that way. Cooking competition - fun!

Carol Argyle

Love your layout:-). What a fabulous idea for school holiday fun and what an awesome job they have all done. Lucky you being the judge. Just hoped they cleaned up after themselves lol


That looks fantastic! Better than I ( a grown up) could bake and present.

Mrs Frizz

have to say that the kitchen bench looks ab-so-lute-ly fabulous!!!! gorgeous delights and not a calorie counter in sight !!!

Lydell Quin

Oh my goodness.....I was all set to comment on your LO, but then I got sidetracked by the desserts!!! Mmmmmm......They did so well!!!!! Oh yeah.... and great page....I think it looks fabulous considering you just threw it all on before deciding you liked it~!!! Fabulous!!!!

Mandy C

That is a tasty looking cooking comp!
Cute page, if you did not tell us all the story, we would have thought it was playful and imaginative use of colours and pretty papers :)

Kim Stirling

wow, the cooking comp is amazing - well done to them - and you for allowing the messy kitchen!! love their creativeness...

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