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October 12, 2011


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Great to hear you are home.Take care


Yay for home, your own bed, own family and own food!
Glad to hear they let you go, good luck with the tests, I hope they get the results in a hurry for you :-)


Good to hear you are home :)


Glad to hear you are home - let's hope the cute doctors are around when you do your tests!

Maggie Armstrong

Take care Nic. Although very helpful - hospitals aren't the nicest places to be, albeit the cute doctors! Glad to hear you are making a recovery.

Bea Medwecky

Nic, I am so glad you are home. A hospital is such a stressful place. I am so glad for you and your family that it was not a blood clot or calcified nodule. Take care.

Crazy debbi

Glad you're home Nic! It's only the 12th here (Reno, Nevada, USA) and it's about 6:30 in the evening. I did want to say Welcome to your own environment - it's so much healthier than a hospital! Will keep you in my prayers.


Being home has got to be the best medicine in the world! Glad to hear you can be comfy in your own space with your own things rather than surrounded by hospital!

Vicki J

So glad they let you out!! Hospitals are germy places and the less time spent in there the better!
Prayers are with you that they figure it all out.

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