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October 12, 2011


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Teryl McKenzie

Sounds like the doctors are just as confused Nic. Rest up and take care. Sending you big hugs :)

megan gourlay

As someone who works in the system I am embarrassed, I know we all make mistakes, we are only human but when its human lives at stake it is harder to accept.
I hope your bronchosopy goes well and you start feeling better soon, we'll all be missing you in class!
Take care


I've spent some time at Middlemore and know your frustration.... But you are in the best place. You can never be too careful with your health. Take care and best wishes. Andrea (a blog follower)

Nic Howard

Ya know, mistakes happen. I laugh now. I wish theyd show me the xray, there must be more on it to be looking further. I can only wait and see. On the positive side, the nurses are lovely, I feel sad when they change shifts.. Apart from the sick people, the actual hospital isnt too bad either. I am on the middlemore diet though. Lol

One Crafty Mumma

Oh no, I'm sorry to hear you're in hospital Nic. I hope you're home again soon and on the mend.
Mel xo

Louise Williams

it's ridiculous. When I went in with EVERY pre-emptive sign of Crohn's disease they isolated me and told me I had hepatitis... then that I was HIV positive... but nope, it was common Crohn's disease. A relief of course but the crap they put me through before they came to the most obvious conclusion! Middlemore is such a depressing hospital to be in, sorry you've been in there... I remember it well. Hopefully now you're on your way home (read this after your FB post) you'll at least be able to eat something edible (why is all the food grey?) and they'll find some answers with the outpatient tests. Sending you luck and good health vibes x


rooting for you to be all better and health issues resolved asap. ((HUGS))


Hope things get sorted out for you quickly. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way. Take care xx

Sara Andrews

Hope you feel better soon Nic!

Crazy debbi

Hope this message finds you OUT of the hospital and back at home - more comfortable surroundings I'm sure. I'm in Reno Nevada - in May's neck of the woods and have been downloading your Double Take class. I only hope to soon be able to put my attention to the handouts! Take care, Nic, feel and BE better very soon.


Crikey Nic, sounds like you need a R&R trip to Timaru ;-)
Take care, wishing you a speedy get well.


You poor thing - that's awful. Reflecting back on the last 24 hours doesn't undo the trauma I'm sure you felt in the moment of a misdiagnosis. Wishing you all the best for a speedy exit from Middlemore so that you can RELAX (& recuperate)for the rest of the school holidays. Take lots of care :)

Erica Lasham

Sorry to hear you are still in hospital Nic. Try and make the most of resting and enjoy the eye candy ;-) I hope by the end of the day they will have some answers for you. Get well soon.


Glad to hear you still have your sense of humour, Nic; that's critical! So sorry you are laid up. I hope everything is sorted asap and you are back home with your family. Take lots of photos, especially of the cute doctor so you can scrap a new double page for us!

Lisa Henderson

?Hope you feel better soon!


Sorry to hear you haven't been well (and for the extra stress of an incorrect diagnosis).
Hope you are on the road to recovery (and answers) soon.

Dianne H

Sorry to hear you are unwell and hospitalised. Sending 'Get Well wishes' and hope your procedure went smoothly (as it can) and they find the cause.

Joni Kix-Moore

Sending GET WELL wish to you, Nic! I hope you are on the mend soon!


Oh my goodness Nic - hope they have everything all sorted out soon & tell you how healthy you are & to go home & enjoy wearing your own pajamas! :>)

Tara Orr

holy wow! I seriously come to your amazing blog all the time but have never once commented. Until now. I have never 'met' such an upbeat, positive individual in all my years - seriously - you are amazing! Your attitude towards this entire 'ordeal' is fantastic - you are such a strong lady!! Sending you healing vibes and a 'cute' doc that has some kind of clue what the hell he's doing! For goodness sakes! Hoping for a speeding recovery from...whatever it is you may (or may not) have Stay strong!

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