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October 15, 2011


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Margaret Burton

I am looking forward to taking a class from you, Have wanted but couldn't.
What makes me happy Family and working on my crafts with friends.
Do hope your taking care and getting well.

Teryl McKenzie

My favourite thing is spending the day at the beach with my family.... sun, sand and surf... just magic!


Right now what makes me so happy is the All Blacks whipping the Aussies to make it to the World Cup final next week! Go boys!
Oh yes and seeing you playing with the queens of scrap - so happy for you!


My favourite thing would be a warm day by the pool and a BBQ with friends and family - in fact everything I managed to get today :)
I too was part of the 2010 DD class and it changed my scrapbooking forever. Best class ever and can't wait for version 2! It's in the diary :)


I can't wait for these classes - one of my favorite things is sitting on the beach in the summer and people watching, with a magazine, with a diet coke.

Audrey Davis

One of my favorite things is reading books on my kindle.

I loved your Double Take class!



Nic, I really hope you are feeling better every day. Sick is not fun, and there are better ways to get attention. Please take good care of yourself. I am so very much looking forward to DD - The Expanded Version. It really is difficult for me to do a flat lo since taking your class. The beauty of just even a little bit of dimension adds so much. I love tactile! I am also loving Double Take even though I have only completed one lo. So many things make me happy: a productive day, my sweet puppy, my family, being creative. Not necessarily in that order.


The classes sound awesome. Can't wait.
My favorite thing is when all my kids and grandchildren somehow drop in unexpectedly at the same time, and everyone is at my house making memories.


Well done ...Yay ... wonderful new classes to look forward to!!!


My favorite thing is time with friends. So precious.

Christi Parker

new BPC classes make me happy!


My favorite thing is color. It inspires me and makes me happy.


Right now with this cool fall weather, my favorite thing is baking, especially something with apples or pumpkins.


One of my favourite things is sun - a nice sunshiney day just makes everything better. An actual thing...right now I'm loving some soy candles in warm yummy fall/winter scents.

Margie S (Nihao, Cupcake)

I love a beautiful clear blue sky!

Crazy debbi

My favorite thing to do would be spending time with friends sitting around scrapbooking! I would love to win a box of goodies that has all the favorites in it!

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