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October 15, 2011


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I like books, the way they transport me to another world and give me timeout from everyday life.


I like books, the way they transport me to another world and give me timeout from everyday life.


I thought your video was well done :-)
My favourite thing is my family, because lets face it without them I wouldn't have to much to scrap!
Hope you are starting to feel better Nic?

Tami F

My favorite thing is my DH, Jase. We live near Boston where Matt Damon is from--does that count for extra points? ;)

Loved your Color or Colour class so am looking forward to this one. Hope you are feeling better!

Joni Kix

It's nice to see you on the mend, Nic!

I loved Dimensional Details 1, and wouldn't miss Dimensional Details 2 for ANYTHING!

My favorite thing? Eating breakfast together as a family (with my hubby cooking of course, hehehe...) During the week we are all on different schedules... we get up at different times, leave at different times, and most days only grab a package of Pop-Tarts while heading out the door. There is nothing like a BIG breakfast together to start the day!


I stopped to discuss this with friends! Sounds like a fabulous class...did not have the pleasure of joining you last time away!
My little girl saying I Lub you too Mommy has to be my favorite thing. Winning a seat in this class could very well be my second though!


Reading your blog - did I hear BONUS ENTRY for that one? ;)
Creating is one of my favourite things to do.

Sara Andrews

What's making me beyond happy is that you used the phrase "Over the Moon!". My hubby, mother and father thought I was making it up! Woo Hoo!

Rebecca Y

My favourite thing would be family. Documenting my family is definately a bonus to me. Thanks for the chance. Hope you are on the mend.


As a Nanna, my favourite thing has to be my precious grand-children! They bring colour, love and the greatest joy to my days ... they seem to love the fact that I am scrapbooking their lives. So, doing your classes, Nic, brings all sorts of new ideas to their pages!
Continue to get well, and take care Nic.


My favourite thing is the sound of children laughing :-) although I do like the Bourne series of movies starring "Matt Damon".......... ;-)


WTG love :)


I am beyond excited that you have been chosen as one of the 4Experts and that you are brining back DD. I attended in 2010 and you changed my scrapbooking forever! I will be there for sure and am already counting the days :-) I'm just sad I have to wait until July!
One of my favourite things is Autumn. So I'm a happy bunny right now that autumn is really in full "bloom" here in Europe. Oh, and Cadbury chocolate :-)

so thrilled that you will be a 4Expert! Can't wait

Kate aka stinkydudette

My favorite thing - a calm, relaxed day. No chores or errands to do. Time is a luxury lately. Love the line-up for next year!


Wearing socks in the wintertime!

Emilyn Wright

You didn't look sick at all!

One of my favorite things...decorating for the Christmas holiday. It makes me happy!

Bea Medwecky

I am so excited to do Dimensional Details again! It was an amazing class. And now it will be expanded. Even better. My favorite thing is my two new kittens, Lucy and Penny. Holding them really takes the stress level down a notch.

Kerry G.

Oh I have too many favorite things to list! My favorite lipstick right now is Clinque's Plum Nude. It's a little pop of fall color.

ruth tacoma

My fave thing is Burt's Bees lip balm! :)


Heck Yea!!! DD was one of my favourtie BPC classes EVER!! What makes me happy... every moment I get to play in my art room :)

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