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September 28, 2011


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What a great idea!
I am loving your stories of Kichaka - what a beautiful place!


Love the calender, such a great idea! Its very sunny down here in the Manawatu :)


I don't have a choux pastry recipe for you but I love what you did with it - yum!

Neroli Fillingham

Nic - LOVE the lollipop idea! Wish I could use it but (sadly) never seem to get away minus the kids : ( LOVE your blog, is a newly discovered one for me. Scrapbooked madly up to about a year ago but since the youngest has started school I've gone back to work & just struggle to find the time (still enjoy shopping for supplies though hha!)


The sun is trying to shine in the deep south. Loving the calender/lollipop idea!


Let's see - the sun has been shining here for months now (can barely remember what cloudy rainy days look like), I've been very kind to myself today (hung out in my craft room scrapping, chatting, blogging), and I've never heard of choux pastry (although I have a great pecan pie recipe if you're interested).


Yay for the sun shining and getting my washing dry while I work (play) at getting a birthday card made for a special friends big day. Thats me, multitasking!lol

Lisa Henderson

I loved hearing about SA! Thanks for the giveaway!


I love hearing about your stories of Africa, takes me back to 1995 when I was trekking through the mountains in Zaire and wandering around with the gorillas, sensational memories!!!! Thanks Nic x


Rain has been in the forecast every day this week, but so far it has just been a humid Indian Summer.

April W

What a fabulous idea!! My hubby and I went away in April for the very first time since we had our girls and this idea would've been way cool. ;) I'll be sure to keep it in mind...
- April


Sunny in Otago today, but a chilly wind. Trying to be kind to myself at the mo as suffering a nasty head/sinus cold :(

Fiona L

I'm being kind to myself today - I'm heading to the spa for a facial in about oh 4 mins. Better get my shoes on....

Vicki Parker

It only took us 20 years to get a holiday without kids and it was great. Sunny down here and definitely spring like. Finally its all starting to feel "normal" here in my little corner of CHCH.

Joni Kix

I don't have a recipe to share since I have no idea what choux pastry is... My hubby and I took our first vacation alone since having kids. (My kids are 17 and 19) They took bets on the number of times that I would call them in that week. They thought I'd call 3-5 times. I called 3 times just the first day! lol!

I'm already taking an online class right now, so I'm going to have to skip double-take... such bad timing! There is just not enough time for work and all the playing I'd like to do. I've got my eye on your embellishment self-paced class at BPS. I love your style!

Cathy G

It's dark still here so I can't share if it's going to be sunny but I hope so. If you look on the bbc website for 'Great British Bake Off' they made choux pastry last week so they might have a recipe?


It is a wonderful summer's day here in Pretoria. I have a 'flop' free Malva Pudding recipe if you are interested! Loved your class in Joburg!

Beverley cunningham

Love the lollipop idea - kids sugared up for other people lol! I am spending more time away from the kids working at Scotties, doing shows and a retreat at the end of the October as well as the prima roadshow with them . Chocolate flat cakes lol!! Have not tried choux pastry myself


Such a clever idea with the daily candies! :)

It's always sunny here in Singapore! :)


Sun shines everyday here in Abu Dhabi; it's officially autumn but temps are still hovering around 40 degrees! Loving the SA posts; we went on a family trip to Phinda reserve two years ago. Favourite family holiday ever. Loving the Double Take class, by the way, have made layouts on the first two sketches already.
Go the All Blacks!

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