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March 24, 2011


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Annelie Maddock

Sigh. Divine. Good luck on getting motivated!!

Vicky Alberto

I so love your work, just gorgeous!

Beck C

Ah I spot the Doily Lace Punch there Nic! What a handy dandy tool that is :) Just gorgeous!

Susan aka LoveRibbons

Love the layout! But I have to see a picture of the shuffled cones! Too funny - no one around here would dare do that! Hope you got your mojo going!


Truly gorgeous layout! I wish I could procrastinate and still produce such beautiful work!


You 'Kinda' like? It's beeeautiful!


You should try driving in Christchurch at the moment we have thousands of road cones but unfortunately not all the big pot holes have them so its like playing dodgems between the holes, bumps, cones and other obsticles


Must say, if you are looking for slippers, NZ is the place to shop. ;o) Just bought my first stateside pair in 10 years. I have finally worn a hole in the toe of my last (and second) pair of kiwi slippers.

Pandora Bracelets

Love the layout

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