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March 01, 2011


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Hi Nic, I can't find any info about the auction for Autumn Escape. Would you be able to give me a link for it? Thx heaps.


Yes, Christchurch, we grieve for you, our tears are plentiful and so near the surface. I cried my way through a movie yesterday and it was a romantic comedy!! Oh it had the usual touching stuff but not sobbing stuff yet I flooded the cinema. I feel so guilty when I look around my cosy cottage and know that I have water, power, phone, sewerage. This past week has taught us as a nation what matters most - family, friends, neighbours, hugs, smiles. Please empty out those purses and help our cousins in Chch.

Wendy Bruhns

Hi Nic - from Christchurch
I am not even sure what to say - I know the rest of the country is sharing our pain and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all the little things - even just to check in here to see you all fundraising for those in need.
It truely is a nightmare here but we will pull through some how some way. I have not scrapped or done anything overly creative for such a long time but the last few days I have just wanted to go and hide in my art room and maybe break out some paint again - funny how we are touched by these things.
We thank god our family and friends are safe but like many know people close who are not.

Wendy Redshaw-Bruhns

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