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December 16, 2010


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I love Christmas too!

Rachel G

I'm with you Nic - love Christmas! Love your layout here too :)


I love that you love Christmas. I love it too. I'm often feeling overwhelmed in the weeks leading up to Christmas, but when the 23rd rolls around, I throw my hands up and say, "Whatever's done is done... and now I'm ready to call it done. Bring it on!" So that means one more week of panicking for me. lol

Love your Prima layout. Can't wait to see your BG stuff in January! :)

Teryl McKenzie

I too love Christmas... do not understand how you can not ! If you embrace it, it so returns and each year just gets better with the kids, my DD (miss almost 4) is soooo excited this year !


Gotta agree....love Christmas so much too! Athough...wish I could say I was organised...so not organised! Ha but still love this season....hope you and your family have such a fantastic Christmas and New Year! Looking forward to photos of you and your little bro! Love your NZ Christmas layout too....


I love Christmas too. Love that layout too, just gorgeous.

Nicola Armstrong

I have also always loved Christmas and since having children it is even more special.

Love this layout - it brings back memories of Christmas past of long summers in NZ as a kid! Staying in a "Bach" at Waiau Pau or Clarks Beach, staying up till 9pm playing Cricket because of daylight savings and Pohutukawa trees in bloom everywhere!!!

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful layout!

Pearl Maple

Merry Christmas to you and your family & yippie for everyone who can say they love all the special and fun things that happen this time of year.

Janine Koczwara

Totally loved this LO Nic!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Flip, I love all the layering in this one, such a beautiful layout and fab photo's. I hope you had a great Christmas. Have a wonderful 2011.

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