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November 09, 2010


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Hurray for you, Nic! I'm so very proud of you for doing this. You're awesome for taking such good care of yourself. For YOU. Not for anyone else. Because it would have been impossible to keep up with all these changes for anyone else but yourself. Congratulations, and keep up the great work!

(And also, kudos to your family for being so supportive. How fun to celebrate with such a wonderful party! :))

Kathie Link

Wow, awesome Nic. It takes hard work to fit in exercise with a busy family life. Congratulations for making up your mind and sticking to it!


i am so proud of you!! seriously, that is an awesome accomplishment! congratulations!! :)

Lynne H

Aww thats awesome hun. I so am gonna follow these lessons too. How priceless to see your kids reading your note to them. So sweet. Well done Nic

Robyn W

go Nic....i too started on a new life outlook earlier this year, haven't had a smoke in 10 and a half months....have done all kinds of exercise type stuff this year...including walking gym swimming and just last week started back at tennis....i still have not lost as much as i wanted, again i know i wasn't big either, but am certainly more toned than i was....go us

Annelie Maddock

Thanks for sharing Nic! I hope to be where you are in a not to far future. I have only just begun, but am pretty sure of what I want to achieve and what I need to do. First week has been HARD but good, and minus 2.4kgs on the scale tells me I'm doing it right. And yes - thank goodness for friends and family who understands and stands by us. What would we be without them...

Bea Medwecky

Congratulations Nic. Thanks for sharing your story. I have been feeling pretty plump and unsexy myself and just need that determination to change. You post has inspired me to not wait until after Christmas.Love the color class, BTW.

Susan Gregory

Woo Hoo go Nic !!! Well done congratulations


Good for you, Nic, I'm so proud of you! It's such a mental game - hang onto that focus and drive, it's amazing what you can do when you have it. That dedication and discipline is amazing, you rock!!


I am with you...not fat, but if I let it go I could be...and it does creep on! Friends say ...your not fat etc, etc, but I feel better when I go to the gym, I am less grumpy when I have done an exercise class, and I feel better when I eat healthy. And its hard, especially when I have not banned junk food from the house cos everyone else eats it. no one understands. And once a month. I have to let rip on chocolate....whatever happens. and then sasha (miss 6) says to me ....why do all your scrapbooking friends have big bums!!!!


Way to go Nic
Congratulations - great that all your hard work has paid off
I love the way you celebrated this with your family


Linda L

That's fantastic Nic. So you should be proud of what you've achieved and I am very glad that you are feeling so much healthier for the changes you've made. You go girl!


what a great story, Nic! Love the pics of the kids reading their notes I'm so proud of you!xoxo


Loved this post today Nic! I started 10 weeks ago with my own program for healthy living and am blogging about it every Friday. I already feel so much better and have a check up next week. I love the idea of the party for the kids with notes to each of them, such a great way to celebrate! Thanks for sharing.


That's awesome! As someone who can relate with the battle you're going through, it IS a lifetime commitment. I still fall off the path when I eat chocolate or some cookies, but I don't say, oh well, I might as well keep eating. When you feel good, there's nothing like it. And for those of you who hate the word exercise, once you start doing it and find something to do that you love, you will find yourself looking forward to it and you may surprise yourself, by looking for more mays to workout and love that too! Congrats and keep it up, because it's worth it!


Great post Nic- very inspiring to me b/c everyday is a battle to amke the right choices. All day you have to choose- x or y. Cookies or a cup of mocha cofee- sit w/ a TV show b/c dam Im tired or take a walk with the kids (hey! Im not tired any more!) I'm at the beginning stage of this- and glad to hear its not just me who thinks its hard- but you're right- we are the only ones who can change it! :) Good for you- and congrads!

Lisa VdV

Good for you!!! You have now motivated me to get up from the computer and get on the elliptical :). XO


Big kudos to you Nic. I know how hard its been for you and am so super pleased that over time the changes have made you feel comfortable. Long may it continue.


Thats fantastic Nic and love this bit "Because I was the only one that could make that difference" - how true.


Nic how awesome are you!! Yay for you for even starting this journey!!.....and loving the way you celebrated it with your kids!! its fun eh!!

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