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August 11, 2010


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Beck C

Congrats Abby, I'm glad that my vote counted :)


How gorgeous for Abby, hope she enjoys that for ages.
Love this layout it's everything Prima should be, all texture and flowers and extra bits that hold your eye.

Dayna Howard

Well done Abby! How exciting!!!

Marie Noske

Yay!!! Congratulations Abby. You know you can do anything you set your mind to do. Well done! It was a beautiful drawing with a great message.

LG Belarmino

Woohooo! GO ABBY!!!!


Yay Abby! That is just the best!

Debbie Kingston


Love, love, love your layout Nic. I'm going to enter the Prima comp this month. Can I get some tips from Abby?

Deb Alexander

Congrats to Abby - that's fabulous news and that pic shows her excitement. Love the layout too

Susan Gregory

Way to go Abby! That's so fantastic - she must be thrilled.

I'm with you on the running thing - I've tried and am still trying to become a runner but it's just not for me - the best I'm doing now is 'intervals' on the treadmill at the gym and that's going ok - 1min run; 1min walk - hoping to build up - so much easier to go to the gym in the winter - no rain, wind or cold - but at least it's still exercise - hang in there :)

Erica Lasham

Congratulations Abby, awesome news :-)


Oh her face is a picture! Well done

Jo Baker

Congrats Abby! fabulous photo capturing that excitement.

Love the new Prima build a page layout too - what a gorgeous photograph.


Abby, you are wonderful. Long may the joy last.
Nic, your page is so delightful it brought a lump to my throat. The whole page is so tender and full of love.


wtg Abby, thats fantastic! a well deserved win!!!

Joanne Flannery

Awesome news for Abby, I love that photo of her it is soooo gorgeous.

Your layout is stunning as always.


Congrats! What a great pic! Beautiful layout too - of course!


Big Congrats to Abbey!
Love the LO Nic, simply gorgeous!

Misty Willis

congratulations, Abby!!! SOOOOOOOOOO happy for you!!! Girl Power, Rules!!!!

That layout is a masterpiece...truly sensational!! It brought tears to my eyes (AGAIN!)


Well done Abby and your layout is sensational Nic.


I'm late with this... but congrats to Abby on winning (YAY!) and to you for joining the gym (YAY!). I'm with you on the "not being much of a runner" thing. I think we're too short. lol

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