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April 29, 2010


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Great layout.....love the butterfly and the butterflys to be....what a cool idea! Say Hi to SYDNEY lol, I loooooove Sydney! <3

Tanya W

how do you get the stuff to tag them??? I always bring some inside for the kids to see would love to tag them..... we only have two inside this year though, our plants weren't that big but hopeing next year they will be


Loving that you are blogging again! Lurve the layout. So simple, so gorgeous.

Petrina McDonald

OMG I would love to tag butterflies - how cool is that!!!!


Wow, didn't know you could tag butterflies. What a neat idea.


oh, that looks fantastic - can i ask a dumb question! have you glued the chrysalis to the branch? how many do you actually have? wow, love the idea...

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