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March 17, 2010


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Sarah Schwerin

LOL Nic - I must be getting old too because a) I've never even heard that song, and b) I had to read your post about 5 times before I got what she was ACTUALLY singing! LOL!
Lovely layout - that lace looks really cool!

What Was Done

Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things:


Fantastic layout! Hope you have a Scraptacularistic time at Scraptacular....so wish I was there too......how selfish is that comment - I am sure we all do!!!! Funny re the green toilet....ha love your blog! :-)

renne looney

Too Funny Nic! My 11 year old wants me to buy him the downloads (no more records- sigh-) og this GREAT NEW group he heard-

Its called Queen!

How cool am I that I already know thier songs!?
"Mom! How do YOU know there songs??"


hey have a great time in Aussie!!
green loo water Nic..........your super cool!! :)

Brigette Siebert

Can't wait for the Dimensional Detail class, I'm getting so excited. Love the green loo trick.

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