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March 08, 2010


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Oh yeah, country living at Frog Rock. ROFL


you should do this more often Nic.......visit small towns!! ;)


We loved having you and hope you have penciled us in again for next year! Thanks for a fantastic time and for sharing your wonderful family and of course you talent!


Hmmm Hanmer....I know crazy spelling...have argued with my kids about that one.Great that you all got to come down to the beautiful South......ha....I actually love the North too though....the whole flippen country is pretty gorgeous....forget to appreciate it sometimes! Love the layout....

Holly Moore

Your work is simply beautiful. So inspiring. Thank you for sharing your gift.


Tsunami? I understand now... poor guy. I hope things will settle down soon.

Great project you shared. And you have lots of exciting things happening in your scrappy world. Wow! I wish I had the time to hang out with you during you BPS class. I would have loved to learn some new artsy techniques, but alas, my days are completely filled with other stuff. Mom stuff, work stuff, sports stuff, volunteer stuff. I need more hours in the day!


is the BPS class price in NZ or USD???

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