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November 24, 2009


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Another gorgeous inspiring layout. Websters papers are 'the' best!! Am looking forward to reading more of your blogs. Have been missing them.


Gorgeous layout as always Nic
Good luck with the hayfever heres hoping tomorrow is better for you
Yay looking forward to you blogging more often

Dayna Howard

Great LO Nic! I have the same problem as you with hayfever medication until I discovered nasal sprays. They don't make me drowsy and they work heaps better!


It's really a beautiful page and a sweet little girl. Thanks for sharing.

Susan Beth

Wonderful page, and the pictures are amazing!


So beautiful!!!!!!!!


Oh man, I can relate to this. I took some anti-gout meds (don't ask). They said "take with food". Yep, whatever. In pain so chugged 'em down with coke. Spent the next few hours semi-conscious in a lounge chair cos I couldn't even move to go to bed. I still remember it with horror...

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