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October 28, 2009


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michelle okeefe


Wow, I love your layout and the journaling is so cute. That ad is really a good one. I might have to try this, too.
I want to hear all about your search for info. I am also fascinated with learning about my long gone relatives and it is a thrill when you uncover even the smallest detail. Please tell us all about it !


Ha Nic, thats so cool re your family tree. I have been addicted for a long time and have come up with some amazing stuff, helpful websites and some very dodgey ancestors rofl. Let me know if you need any links or help :) Jo


Oh Nic, this is gorgeous... the dramatic lighting in the photo... the ad-inspired design... the colours, the dimension and texture of the embellishments. Your work is amazing.


Oh i love those butterflies, reminds me of hot summer days at the beach. Where did you get them from???


Great layout. Take it from one-who-knows seaching the family tree is highly addictive!! And what you find out!!!!!!!

Anabelle O'Malley

Hi Nic,
Just love this page!! You're so inspiring!


You know, for the past year, I've checked out your blog very regularly...no, I'm not a stalker but WOW, can I say that I LOVE YOUR STYLE. Your pages always amaze and inspire me. Thanks!

Sasha Holloway

amazing ..

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