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September 04, 2009


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yeesh, I wish that quote was true! Right now my sister feels like she's just EVIL. *sigh*

Anyway. just wanted to say HI girl!! miss you!


How true - to all of it!!!!

Beck C

Gorgeous layout - did you do the photoshopping, or someone else?!

Oh well Nic, like people say, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger (and all that blah), things can only get better, surely?

Oh, and is the cat ok? I bet poor Abby was upset...


Hey nic

Bugger you having a bad week, you need me to fly up there and be in your kitchen - lol or your laundry by the sound of it!
I am with ya on the Nit thing - Abby's hair was flippin near moving off her head and yesterday took me 2.5 hours with the net comb to get through it! AND the school said it was rife but NEVER sent a notice out so we could be more vigilant.
Any way hope you are all feeling better soon and the washing slows down. If you need us on a plane just say the word!


Take care Nic - some week suck...


I'm with Caro, if only that quote was true, my sister...my best friend???? only in my wildest dreams (or nightmares lol)
poor babies, it sucks that they are so sick, mine had the same thing a few weeks ago...not nice...and really piles up the washing. Just saying a little mantra that you dont get it too.
nits suck, why is you always itch when you hear someone has them? I have just one thing to say, tea tree oil. put it into your conditioner and not only will their hair smell pretty but it discourages the kooties.
heres hoping next week your the dog!!!

Debbie - NZ

Big big hugs Nic, and I only hope that your week gets better!


here's to a good weekend eh!! :)


Nic, I'm so sorry you're having so many hydrant moments right now. *sigh*

Gotta love your kids though. The duck Q&A made me giggle. And Brady, could he be more perceptive and adorable? He is going to grow up to be a real catch for some lucky gal.

I hope everyone (including the cat) is healthy again at your place... REAL soon. Here's so spring in your part of the world... warmer weather and longer days so you won't have to walk in the dark! Yikes!


Hope you are feeling better and that you have left your threes behind :) Love your son saying it was shooting I am still giggling, and I am sure that cant be a wrong answer and the quote about putting all out worries in a pile is awesome !!

Hugs xox

Pearl Maple

Pretty pages, the colours all work so well together.

Hope your week is looking sunnier for you.


I hear you on more than 3's!! My bad luck must have lept across the ocean to you as I had 5 or 6 things go wrong in one week, which eventuated in several thousands of dollars of bills!!! Eeeekkkk!! Gorgeous LO as usual.


Thanks for the true belly laughs today!!! Always enjoy reading your blog and perusing the eye-candy;-)

Bel in South Aust

Ginny C.

I sure hope that bad luck comes in threes isn't true - my daughter's husband just decided he doesn't want to be married anymore. My daughter is heart broken & I don't know how to help her. It's so much easier being a mommy than a mother. Sorry, for crying on your shoulder, but I've never felt so helpless before.

Linda Beeson

All of those letters look absolutely wonderful! LOVE it!


I love the colors in the layout. Thanks for posting it.

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