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September 28, 2009


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LOL that is sooo gorgeous


Hahahahahaha!!!!! Better than slamming doors or using foul language!! th


Oooooh, OUCH! The violence... that poor doll. She's adorable, Nic. ;P


YAY MANDY and hee hee that is so cute!! Hmmmm I think I need one of those LMAO

Good luck with your week it sounds totally full on xoox


That is so darn funny!!! Love it. Congrats Mandy - way to go girl!

Mandy Collins

Oh how exciting, I am such a technique junkie.

Think we all need our own version of that little doll, she is a cutie and full of attitude.


Abby is such a honey :-)

Ginny C.

I need a doll like that. I think I'll make them for my daughters, then they can use the doll & not pick up the phone to vent to their mama!


I totally LOVE this doll and the quote. My poor daughter who is a teacher in a high school is in dire need of something like this. It would make her day...EVERY day. Thanks for sharing.


What pattern did you use for your doll?

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