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September 22, 2009


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Carmel Keane

I would love to learn how to get that rolled edge on a (? torn) edge that I sometimes see. I think it involves wetting edge or something?

Huge Congrats on BPS workshop - awesome tribute!


I'd love to learn more layering techniques. I do love layering and when I do it I sometimes think it looks good until I see another of your layouts and think to myself "ya dreaming, girl"!!! Mine looks too simple and basic. Aaaah well!!!!!


I'd love to see you teaching people how not to be so uptight about their work. Maybe a lesson where there isn't a technique - where you give them some thoughts to play with but don't spell it out. Leave it to their own imagination. So many people seem to stress about getting their layout 'exactly right' but it ends up just a copy of someone elses. Freeing up. Making it your own art work.(Hope that's not too esoteric!)


Hey, just one more gal who would love to learn about layering. Clustering embellishments is also something I'd like to know more and how-to.
Ans last not least, a bit about good ole page design, visual triangle etc.
Too much?

Rebecca G

I would love to learn about layering as well. Also how to rip/tear the paper so it looks right.
Congrats on BPS, that is so cool.


Love seeing your signs of spring just as we are starting to see signs of fall in these parts.


We have a love for spring flowering tree's here at our place and Max calls them "Love tree's".

We would love to be able to layer like you do,I just don't to pull it off like you can.You sure do Rock Nic.

Karin B

Layering, layering, layering. How to make the most of your stash by layering.

Jeanne Ann

Love that cherry blossom shot.

I love how you "cluster" items together on your pages and I just haven't gotten it yet. I cannot wait for next years 4experts, so anything you plan will be great!


How do you get that cool "splatter" look on your pages? Mine always glops up - also, how to get a sheer paint look when using paints! Thanks!

Kirsten Northfield

I would love to know how to do layering and "clustering" of embellishments that you do so well :)


YAY for spring - boo for spring rain :) Ummm I am not much help I would just love to learn everything you do hee hee

I would love to learn layering techniques with out looking cluttered (that you do so effortlessly) and adding dimension any tips on how to achieve a happy balance, of papers, embellishments etc - sorry such a wish list sorry

Thank you for asking too that is so cool - cant wait to see what you come up with xoxo

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