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September 22, 2009


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LOVE to learn how to choose the papers and match them is that something that you can teach someone? Cause seriously I think I am a lost cause!


I'd like to learn some more about metal embossing & making your own embellishments.
I think this is a cool thing to do but not quite sure how.
Thank & cheers for now.

LG Belarmino

WOW!!! That layout is a stunner! Love all the details nic! Another awesome job!

Dayna Howard

Hi Nic, I loved your Point of View workshop and can't wait to do your next one!!! I would love to learn how to do the tearing and ripping of paper that I see in so many LO's lately. I'm a bit scared to give it a go and some tips of how to do it properly so it looks effective would be really useful!!!


two comments for you Nic - Pink Paislee!!!!! oh my god!!!! I love their stuff and brought a nice large box when they had their warehouse clearance in the states recently , YUMMY!!!!

next one is a learn, a brand new tecnique is what I want to learn, now I know that does not give you much clues, but something brand new, you know not seen before! Go on dream up something, in fact I reckon you might even have something in mind!

Dianne H

Firstly a BIG Congratulations. How exciting.

I would love to learn more about stamping and masking techniques.

Lastly - can't wait to see the Autumn Escape class lineup.


I love your los...always dramatic with awesome embellies! I'd like to learn more about "tayloring" my own embellies :)

Sharon W

Our cherry tree also flowered earlier this year, and the blossums lasted longer than usual too which was nice.

I'd like to be shown interesting ways to incorporate paint and glitter into my layouts/cards.

jane rogers


I'd love to learn to make really cool mini albums with lots of bits sticking out all over and beautiful journaling....you know just cool !!



I rip and tear and layer and stamp - but like Dianne - I can't get masking to work well for me. And yet the effct can be so cool...

Mandy Collins

Big Picture Scrapbooking workshop sounds like it is full of all kinds of wonderful ideas to spark the creative imagination.


Oooooooh, James and I LOVE the photo of your tree. It's beautiful. :)

As for techniques I'd like to learn, I'm a spaz at them all, so anything would be of help to me. But hey, that's no help to YOU. I'll send a few of my friends over to your blog to help you out. ;)


Ohhh, I'm so excited to hear this. I haven't taken a technique driven class at BPS in a long time. I love the look of tons of embellies stacked up and clustered together. Only when I do it, it looks out of place and like a bunch of stuff just there. Would love to have some tips on what you pull together and how to target placement so it looks like it all fits. Also finishing touches. So many times I get done with a layout and I'm happy with it, but it still needs something. Minimal finishing touches that add the "wow" factor. Thanks Nic! Can't wait to see what you come up with.


Happy Spring! Here on the other side, we're celebrating the first day of autumn! I love spring, but I loooove fall...falling leaves, pumpkins and my favorite holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving. lol...two TOTAL American holidays.

I think I looove every season really. :)

Robyn W

Hey Nic....congrats you expert you

and yep on the more drinking...lol
love free stuff.....
and i so wanna know how you rip/tear/curl your paper please.....

love the tree....

Jenny E

Layering - and how to choose what to layer. How to choose which papers to cut up and which to co-ordinate

Jo L.

Hi Nic,
Loved your cherry tree photo, I too am a bit obsessed with watching the blossoms on our cherry tree, unfortunately someone else was watching it too, we got up one morning and some wild Rosella parrots were having a feast on the buds of the blossoms just before they opened!! I had to leave them to it because i also love birds and my boys and i were fascinated watching these wild birds in our suburban backyard!
I can hardly wait for Autumn Escape! I did your SENZ scrapbook class and had a ball!
I would love to learn your tricks with Glimmer Mist, since your class I have bought a few colours but havn't had a real play yet! I also have a couple of "The Crafters Workshop" plastic stencils which i would love to see your ideas with. I love the way you layer and add the special "Nic" Wow factor! :}


There's so many techniques out there - it's just so hard to choose ONE !! For me I'd like to learn more about layering - everytime I try it it never turns out how I imagine it would. The papers work but there is a knack as to the best way of achieving it. That would be very cool !!


I'd like to learn more about lots of things, especially adding transperancies and layering


this is probably not helpful with planning your class(!) but I have been wondering for a while - how do you store all those beautiful layouts you churn out? Do you keep them all in your albums, or do some of those get shipped of to whoever you are designing for, never to be in your album again? How many albums do you have? and what is your long term 'vision' for them all? (Will they be packed up and sent out the door with the rest of your kids belongings when the day comes, or are you saving them to show your grandkids?!)

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