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September 14, 2009


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Lee Mills

What a wonderful life for an otherwise 'wahsed up' book - looks fab - congratulations - thanks for sharing your creativity - keep up the great work x


Hi Nic,
I too have re-discovered my love of reading due to an after school activity too. I am the same, I hate clutter and things need a purpose for them to stay in my home. SO, what DO you do with all the things you make if they are done for DT work (things you wouldn't normally make)?


It's lovely, your creation... I think it'd be totally appropriate (and awesome) to put it on your bookshelf at home and leave it for someone to discover. Or for you to enjoy, whenever it strikes your fancy. :)


As a librarian, I applaud you just hanging at your local library. And for re-purposing the book; would love to see more people do that. You've done a beautiul job on it Nic. I am just in the process of acquiring 6 Braille books that are being dispensed with. I am *so* excited - just think of those textured pages :-)


Perhaps we are all at that point in life where we may actually have an (almost) spare moment to read! As a kid I was one to hid under the blanket at night with my torch - consumed by the pages of the book I was reading, and recently I find myself returning to the library and buying books as well. I don't keep them, I pass them on to others and also leave them in random places for others to pick up and enjoy! Thanks for sharing Nic

Ruth Philps

A woman after my own heart.....I used to read all the time then the kids and scrapping came along and I stopped, I live next door to a library and finally decided to get one book out a week and read it in my spare time, before sleep whilst being forced to watch disney channel, during tea time!!! And I feel so much better for it, they too sell books for next to nothing but I think I have enough put away to alter and yet I still haven't done one....I like the style of yours though..more up my alley and not too eclectic which I just can't do!!
Thanks for the inspiration Nic.

amarlee jagoe

Beautiful creation Nic. I found reading again this year too and love it. I usually don't make altered art because I have too much clutter already that I am dealing with??? Perhaps you could give it as a gift to someone that loves books and reading.


Love it!! This would make a great graduation or "grown-up going back to school" present :)


Seriously that is one of the most beautiful things i have seen, I want to rush out and grab an old book just to try LOL

I love love love reading and my boys are happy to hang at the library for a bit to which is FAB cause it is free LOL When I was little mum used to take my books off my just so I would go to sleep and I still love to read now, before sleep, in the bath, while cooking tea, anywhere I can crab a moment

Again Your book is simply divine

Lisa VanderVeen

Just when I think you couldn't get any better... This is AMAZING!!!!!

Pearl Maple

Fabulous example of how we can creatively recycle has been books. Libraries are great fun, you never know what you might find in there.

Helen Tilbury

Like you I also hate clutter so often don't do the "alteread art" thing because of it. I love to scrapbook because all one's art can be contained in an orderly fashion within an album. I have recently started doing bits & pieces of "repurposing" for DT calls etc & enjoyed the process alot actually. I think that special book deserves to be part of a still-life display somewhere in your home. Minimalism & a no-clutter policy is good but art in life is also comforting & a reflection of who we are :-D


so have you decided? where your re-purposed book will live/go? love the book art ... I admired it in the Tarisota gallery.

Carmel Keane

Definately donate it back to library to be displayed!
I too hate too much clutter and my husband detests it!!!! So most of my alterted pieces end up as gifts.


You know Nic I just don't like that at all. LOL

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