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February 03, 2009


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Allanah Scrapbook Art

Totally agree on the Mr Whippy.....love the mini book Nic! Hope the fairy party goes well!


very cool book!

Lisa VanderVeen

She just can't be 5. It's impossible. Stop it. I mean, I know it's true, but I can't, really, believe it. So please, stop it :)


Well if I was undecided before about Marrakech you just made up my mind. Its gorgeous. Lots of big changes there in the next few days for Abby (and everyone else). Good luck.

Cath S

Have I said I love BG recently *grin*

Jenny E

That's just beautiful, Nic

Lianne Gray

Wow bithdays galore, Emma is 17 on Thursday dude, can you believe it. And happy school days to Abby, what are you going to do :) Loving the Marakech very much.


I've been really undecided about whether I like any of the new BG ranges. Seeing how you have use the Marakech here though I'm starting to come around!


Love that marrakech paper. Good old BG again! Adore the album you have done.
Now may I say I do so like your new heading. I can just smell the salt in the air and feel the breeze in my hair and the sand between my toes. What a gorgeous country we live in.


Miss Abby is so pretty... and that paper is so versatile (boy/girl, travel, everyday, anything!). Wow! I have to ask... who makes the chipboard album you used? Is that BG as well?

Enjoy what's left of summer. Happy belated birthday to Jacob too! Wow, double digits! Ten! How'd you become the mum of a 10 year old?!


Just beauitufl! Oh and you totally inspired me to create a layout with those distressed edges you're so fond of. You can have a looksie if you want:


Linda Beeson

Adorable creation and what a completely cute subject!


happy bday to both your kiddies! and wow, on that album you posted! just gorgeous! you never cease to amaze me. you are like 5 people rolled into 1 with all that you do and accomplish. i want to be just like you when i grow up! xoxoxo


the album and marrakech look gorgeous!

Sarah Schwerin

That album is divine Nic! I love it!
A big happy birthday to the kids - and lots of well wishes for Abbey and her ears. :)


this is so cute! love your style!

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