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January 07, 2009


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Oh, that blog that you linked... her work is stunningly beautiful. And simple. But I have to tell you, the cards you posted (the orange ones), they're pretty and simple too. Your work is more diverse than you give yourself credit for! :)

And those photos of Alaska! omg, okay, it's cold where I am... and there's snow around, but it's not THAT cold! Yikes!

One other thing... I am doing a 365 project. Simple. Easy. And I'm all about faking photos if I forget to take one. Seriously. The days I have a chance to, I take a generic, could-be-any-day-this-month photo, and that's my Plan B if I slip up. Who's gonna know? Who's gonna care?! (Check out my blog for week one!)


I'd been contemplating doing the 365 project, it would be fantastic but then I'd have to remember taking a photo every day. I love Barbs plan B LOL. After reading your post on it, it nearly convinced me to "give it a go". I've nearly taken a photo a day to date? MMMM contemplation ........

kerry murray

A photo a day i would never do it then i would feel guilty all the time lol.Love the cards they are way cute.TAke care Kerry xx


Yummo cards. I'm loving orange too.


Hi Nic, I thought the 365 Project was just too much for me but I came across this idea on Paula Clarks blog http://wide-0pen-spaces.blogspot.com/ Scroll down to the 2009 in a Snap post. I'm going to do this as it seemed way easier for me to cope with :) Just sharing

Cheers, Kimmie


I looooove the cards and ANYthing orange. You're so awesome!

Sheryl Welles

I just wanted to say that I LOVE your style when you scrapbook. I LOVE your book and have been truly inspired by it. Simple or not, keep it up, because you have a beautiful style that I appreciate. I hoping you come out with another book soon. Any possibilities?

Lisa VanderVeen

Yeah, so I was all about doing the 365 thing. "Committed". However, I missed day 5, took 2 pics on day 6 and today is not looking promising. I mean, my CF card is all the way upstairs in the reader and my camera is downstairs. And my back up point and shoot is hidden somewhere. So really, am I going to go drag my butt upstairs to get the CF card to put it in the camera to take a picture of what? Dinner? I meant to. I really did. But what you're describing (the guilt and sense of obligation) is going to kill it for me. I can tell. Can you imagine if you actually did more than 5 days, like if you did 3 months and then all of a sudden lost interest? GUILT. :) I think I just talked myself into throwing in the towel LOL.


I thought about doing the 365 day thing but knew it wouldn't last so I'm doing an 'our life in pictures 2009' album instead were I am trying to do a photo a day but without the pressure if I miss a day. I've used a ready made album with three pockets (two horizontal and one vertical) on each side so I can only do two photos and a journaling spot in a week if I want(or if I am really slack one photo, some journaling and an embellished block) or can fill several pages if a lot has happened. so much easier,so much cheaper and a lot less pressure but I will still have a record of our families year at the end.
Love the card, colours are gorgeous.


Love your idea, Susy. I tried doing a photo a day one July. Hmmmmmm, shall we say I'd never last out 365 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanne C

Hey Nic

I just have to say, Ive been reading past posts on your blog the past couple of days, you do some awesome work!

I read alot of Australian blogs, and have always looked for a Kiwi that does the same, but no luck, until I found your blog! Its great to be able to read from a Kiwi's perspective for a change lol

Off to place an order for your book now :)

Thanks for the inspiration!


Your gorgeous orange cards seem 'clean and crisp' to me and that colour is right up my alley.

Project 365? Ha, lol. I remember and I forget and then I wonder if it's worth it already, but having read a couple of the comments here I think I just might stick with it. Must remember to take camera to temp work tomorrow!!!

Sarah Schwerin

Your cards are awesome Nic! I too am loving orange at the moment - especially orange, black and white combo. Can't get enough of it.
OMG - can't even imagine having frozen electrical outlets! Sheesh - I love the cold, but not that much! LOL!
As for the 365 thing - OMG who needs that kind of pressure! Totally agree with you about the guilt factor. I doubt I could even go a whole month let alone a whole year. What about a Project 52? One photo a week seems achievable!

Chris M

Hi Nic! Happy New Year mate! Just love your Hero Arts cards - gorgeous! Thanks for the link to Dawns work, it's beauitful!

Susan Lily

Hi Nic

I promised myself this year I'd do Project 365 and forgot about it until January 8. So far I've taken my photo each day and I'm loving how it makes me think about each day and record it.

I love your blog too and have to read you regularly. Keep up the great work.

Sarah Hodgkinson

Hey there, lady!
Long time....
How have you been? I am diggin' your yummy card.
I had a dream that Nicole Kidman offered me a free flight to NZ...in a small-engine hydro plane that had to touch down in the Pacific several times to refuel. Yeah. I woke up at 4am and was afraid to see how it all turned out.
Cheers, mate...and Happy New Year to you, Paul and the kids.

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