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January 17, 2009


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Thank you for reminding me....Coromandel...ahhhh.
Hey, weather-girl, it's -30'C here in Woodstock, ON, Canada today.
Yeah. I needed the word "Coromandel" to warm me up.

Allanah Scrapbook Art

Happy New Year to you Nic, holiday sounds magical and great moment for Jacob on the wharf....movie moment! Looking forward to your inspirational blog this year!


What an awesome photo! Sounds like you had a great family holiday, traditions are so much fun and even more fun to look back on.
Glad your back looking forward to 2009 and all that it will bring.


Cool photo but ick at the blood dripping off the hand though! LOL.


Hi Nic

Isn't it nice to be having such wonderful weather (even when there are days of rain) here in good 'ole NZ! I often think of those poor people in the snow and cold. Brrr!

I also chose the word {balance} for my word this year, and pretty much for the same reasons as you!

Happy New Year!


awesome pic and story. Yay 4 jacob.. have to admit i kept looking at the stunning background tho. Wow!


Great holiday you had. You didn't have any close encounters with those Lions mane jellyfish did you? They looked pretty awful on the news - or was the paper?
Balance - good word. I chose Change cos I need to change so many things like attitude, habits, etc etc etc.
Yes saw that bit about Simple Scrapbooks too. It is a changing world - so what's new about that?? Ha ha!!


Welcome back! I love the photo of Jacob, and I love the story that goes with it. :)

Good luck with the balance thing. It makes total sense. I am searching for the right balance too. And yes, learning to say no is a good first step.


HeeHee ... no wonder you chose BALANCE as your word ... who would say no to chocolate for breakfast, lunch AND dinner!!LOL
Sounds like a good plan ... wishing you well.
The storm sounds amazing ... my daughter is a storm freak too; although I have to admit I love a good lightening display also...
love the fishing story too.

shauna immel

hi my friend! i think balance is a great choice in words!!! balance is key!! my hubby loves storms too. if he had his choice, he'd be a storm chaser for a living! and that photo of jacob....to die for!!! can you hear me cheering all the way from here???? xoxoxoxo


Sounds like a great holiday
Awesome photo
We have been having some good storms here as well which is unusual for us
Balance - great word and a real challenge - go you - loving the chocolate idea
Looking forward to seeing your CHA work

Olivia Pedlow

I have to say Nic, that I love your writing, it always makes me smile and be happy! What did you end up deciding on Project 365? Becky Higgins has a FREE download on her blog for those people who missed out on purchasing a kit for the time being. I printed some out at the photo lab on Matte paper and the journalling cards look great, can't wait to use them. Take Care. Olivia

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