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January 22, 2009


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Oh Nic, life sounds so incredibly busy for you. I have to say, though, I am totally envious that it's summer there. We are in the midst of winter, and I really am not enjoying it this time around. :P

Sending "lots of work" vibes to you... and healing vibes to kitty too.

Can't wait to see your calendar project! :)

Nicola Armstrong

Hey Nic, I am with you on the whole ripped off sensation as summer holidays draw to a close! My two are back to school on Tuesday so we are in label attact mode at the moment! Watch out if you sit still too long in this house you end up with a label on you.
Very sad about the goings on at scenic route, unfortunately I fear that this is just the beginning, but like all other industry's the scrapbooking industry will just have to work out ways to weather the storm.

Love the layout, the distressed layers are beautiful!

Keep up the positive thoughts - great idea for the HS Calender!


This is just gorgeous!


Yes the summer holidays have gone way too fast and making the most of the last few days we have but also looking forward to get my days back to myself as well.


Love the l/o Nic. Can I ask a question though? With very layered pages with lots of 'stuff' do you still put them in ordinary albums? Or do you have some other creative solution?
As for the holidays - can't wait till all the teens go back to school and leave my library LOL


Hi, I love all your work. Can you do a tutorial for beginners like me?


I started doing the Project 365 and gave up after 3 days. Too much pressure to remember to do that. Seriously, can't. Oh well, it would've been cool I suppose.

And I loooooooooooove your layouts. How do you get that border around your edges (about an inch in) where it looks all distressed and ripped up? That is SO cool and clever of you!


Gorgeous LO Nic, yep I know the feeling, my holiday is over on Monday, back to reality in Auckland. I had all these intentions for the holiday period and didn't achieve a lot, oh well here's to a hopefully great 2009! As for the scrapbooking industry, hmmm its a definite worry for me but look on the bright side 'they just keep on rolling out those gorgeous products!!!' (just did a big Prima order,need I say more!!)


ahhh, summer! dh has worked right through...downside of being involved in hospo & the tourism industry...so the kids & I still have 1.5 weeks of our holiday left - yay, we will spend this time based at home though rather than the beach :-( love the layout Nic, breathtaking in it's deliciousness and depth, as usual.

Aunty Trish

Hi Nic, First time I have looked at your blog in ages, it is nice to catch up with you and know what you are doing It all looks so great. Have a good year, might even get up to see you.


Simply Fab layout Nic.
Sounds like you have got the right idea ... happiness and good fortune come from you, not to you - good deciding.

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