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January 01, 2009


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Oh, I'm with you on the Twilight hype! I'm enjoying the series (just started book 2), but why the hype? I just don't get it!

And the Lovely Bones was an awesome book...


That Vegas wedding was such a hoot. Your page brings back the memory of watching you two...such a cute couple and what a great testiment to your love for each other.

New Years resolutions? Ah...in one year, out the other!

Lisa VanderVeen

Oh, I LOVE that LO!!!!! That is my new fave. Such fantastic Nic layering. And brought back funny memories of that day, too :) Happy New Year friend!

kerry murray

what a cute layout looks like you had a great day.Happy new year.Take care Kerry xx


ahh yes, another recommendation for The lovely bones, I am kinda sad Peter Jackson is making a movie of it.. I'm sure no movie can do it justice, enjoy the new year, and the perks that come with it!

Pamela C

I think the book you mean is "Snow falling on Cedars"...a very good read.


Happy New Year Nic
I'm with you on the reading thing having just started again recently but have the problem that once I start to read a book I do very little else - have to find a balance - lol
Gorgeous layout


Aaaaaah, your Vegas wedding... I remember reading about that, and I LOVE that you scrapped it. :)
Happy summer! Happy new year! Happy happy! The days are dark and cold here, but I'm happy that it's summer where you are. Really. :P


Your layering is always so awesome..another great page .. LOVE IT . .

Happy New Year
Sasha Holloway


May 2009 be wonderful for you and your family Nic.You have inspired me to start walking now it has colled down somewhat...40 degree heat the last week was not the best time to start.


Hmm, Twilight - even our teens don't seem that excited by it.
My key word for the year is BALANCE in all things. My goal is about promoting my art more consistently.
Have a great 2009 Nic; may the year be kind to you and yours.


LOVE the layout, adore the layering.

Thanks for that, I need to find The Lovely Bones and possibly Snow Falling on Cedars if that's the name. Alway's up for a good read and everything else goes to the dogs.

I hope your Christmas was a blast...
Happy New Year to you and your family Nic.


Cut and Pasted from my email account....I was devasted I seem to have lost your email addy.

Hello Nic

I was just visiting your blog and read in your previous post that you were selling some left over kits. It's a long shot but do you have anything left of anything pleeease....I'll even take your personal scraps (goofy smiley here).

Christina Hill

Gorgeous layout. I love how well you manage all those layers.

Bev Jackson

Hi Nic
I met you in Christchurch at scrapbook Art and just love your work.
I am the lady that does 8x8 albums for my grandchildren.Just heard that number 3 is on the way.I am hoping for a grandson as doing a book in blues will be interesting for a change.
Keep up the great work


Love the layout Nic.
I also enjoyed the lovely bones. Am reading Barbara Erskines Daughter of Fire at the moment. Shes an amazing author!
Happy New Year

Shauna Immel

oh man, i loved that book "lovely bones" one of my faves. funny thing, i just put "tuesdays with morrie" on my to read list. we must be on the same wavelength again. i'm sorry you didn't enjoy twilight. i loved it! but i'm a total vampire groupie! lol always have been. my all time favorite tv show has to be buffy the vampire slayer! :) i'm sorry i've been neglecting reading your blog. it's the same for everyones. i've got very very distracted by facebook lately! lol the photo a day thing? i think you pretty much do that with your blog. that's how i think of my blog. so don't cause yourself the stress. you're already on top of things. you're way ahead of the game! love ya darling. xoxoxo shauna


Glad to hear that Bakugan were all the rage in your household as well. Aside from the benefits of combining imaginative thought with strategy development skills, the game ties in to the anime TV series so kids can be entertained for hours (unfortunately, for too many hours sometimes!) Anyway, good luck with all the small parts (they store well in a shoebox), and please be sure to keep the game pieces away from children under the age of 5 (can be dangerous).

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