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May 20, 2008


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Gorgeous gorgeous kittens I love baby animals (I still like them when they grow up as well lol) but kittens and puppies I want them all.
Go Abby but how frustrating for you
I really am enjoying the little pages but starting to struggle trying to make them at least a little different from each other lol
I still feel real sad when you say about all that awesome work of yours disappearing
Rugby cards they have caused their fair share of trouble in this household as well really sucky how people steal stuff it so unfair
ok ok I'll stop here really Nic so much info in one Blog -but loving the easel thing as well


Congratulations on the kittens! :D
Sorry to hear about Braden's cards. :(
Kids' albums... (hanging head in shame...)
Abby's perfectionism... I can SO relate. I have two like this.
Your LO... it made me laugh in the magazine. Sorry it's gone. :(


Wonderful layout. You're so talented.


Awwww their so cute!


Totally cute kittys... bet they are trouble together!
We have not got very many cards, so I doubt we are going to get any more ourselves. That sucks that happened to Braden. Sad to think another kid thought for even a second it was OK to do that let alone actually doing it.

Robyn W

love that layout Nic....does Paul ...lol


what cute kitties!!!!
sorry to hear about the trading cards. that sux. i can only imagine how devestated he must be.
abby sounds just like kaelin. they definately have their own idea of how things should be and they don't waver! kind of reminds us of ourselves eh? lol such as vacuuming at 8pm at night????? i cleaned our bathroom last night at 10pm!
loved your layout, sorry it's gone missing. someone out there must be enjoying it though?

Andrea S

You do realise Trina got that easel in Puke right? lol.
PS that sux for Braden having his cards stolen.


Oh when, oh when will I ever learn to layer my papers as gorgeously as you do? LOVE LOVE LOVE your scappin' style. Cute kitties and sorry about the cards that were taken.

Cath S

OMG they are sooo cute. Serious photo ops coming up.


Wonderful kitten photos and I loved your layout!

Erica Lasham

Seriously cute kittens!
Sorry to hear about Braden's rugby cards. We have some somewhere, I'll see if my boys are finished with them.

Renee Dowling

Oh, how adorable are those kittens???...and your LO is a laugh, LOL, luv it!


What adorable kittens. Such cute names too. Love your layout as always, heck you make layering look so easy!! Very sorry abt the missing work, that just sucks (excuse me):)

Also sorry abt Brandon's cards, Dd say's he can have her few, might be good for a couple of jobs and there's some doubles in there too for swaps. Poor kiddo. Where shall we send it to?


Love that layout :)


i just want to snuggle those kitties! you will love having kitty siblings. they are always so sweet to each other! so so cute! :)

Katie P

Hey Nic.. I have a couple of bluebird cards here, email me your address and I'll send them Bradens way :)

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