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May 05, 2008


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Love your maiden layout and the story behind it. kids say the darndest things!!!

i have yet to go to etsy too, but i think paris' dd sells jewelry on it.

we didn't get rain here for a change. we got sun! we haven't seen the sun in soooo long. i'm sorry you are getting so wet though.



I love that maiden page. I'm so sad that was also in the package gone missing. :(

I entered the competition. Do they allow Canadians to enter? It didn't say if that was okay or not in the rules.


Hi Nic thanks for letting us know about the tarisota competition (I now have another blog to stalk lol)but I nominated my Mum and although I didn't win do you know that Tamar is sending stuff out to all the Mums, grandmothers that were nominated how awesome is that
Just to let you know I may not always comment but we always look at your blog usually more than once we even have a txt system going that when one of us see you have updated we txt the others (how desperate are we) but you are such a huge source of inspiration and information to us so once again THANKS NIC

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