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May 16, 2008


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Nicole Drewniak

Thank you so much for being part of our Celebrity Sketch Extravaganza! It is such a treat to have you with us. :0)


Yummo layout. As usual!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved that the sketch is available so I will attempt to do it.


It's so funny to hear you talking about "winter" and naming all the things that don't go with "winter" where I live. Daffodils and Irises are for "spring" in my neck of the woods...ahhhh. I'm sure my world is upside down.


Nathalie (famille1999)

Even if I know that you are at the opposite from us, it's always a shock to hear you talk about winter when we are just starting to get some warmth around here! LOL

I have an awesome receipe for some "potage" with buttercup squash. Cook one squash with about three pears and some chopped onion and celery, season to taste, puree when it's well cooked, add some cream and serve with some bacon... Yummy. ;)

I love your sketch and I hope to find some time to try it. :)


Just wanted to share how much I am loving your book, That's Life. You capture my sentiments perfectly, and even though I'm coming late to scrapbooking I know that I will be utilizing your ideas for many years to come! Thank you.


i love squash!
gorgeous layout and i bet everyone was excited to get that sketch!
i hate tax stuff!
thanks for the nice email you sent me.
means alot.
love you heaps.


I had to have a laugh Nic. When I was reading about winter and you were talking about Squash, all I could think of was the sport LOL (I'm on dial up so it takes a while for the pictures to come through LOL)

Love the sketch and the layout is absolutely awesome.

I'm going to do the kids pages too, had thought I might just make mine out of the small car album, flower album and dog album, one each for Jake, Olly and Abby. But I'll work on one at a time I think :). Thanks for the inspiration.


A great sketch and a BEAUTIFUL page! I love it.
Kids albums on hold until I locate the top of my desk under my heaps of supplies. :S


Thanks for the squash recipe! I made it the other night and used mushroom soup instead of onion (only because I didn't have any onion!) and it was DELICIOUS!!!

Gorgoues layout you did with the sketch. I just love seeing your work. Thanks for all the inspiration.


holy moly - that little abby is so cute! :)

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