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May 13, 2008


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fabulous pages as always.
what a cute photo. it would be good to be a flamingo. especially now that i'm loving pink. whoever thought i'd be a pink girl? my dd sure isn't! she would hate to be a flamingo. my dd probably would want to be a snake or some slimey reptile. maybe a tasmanian devil?? lol

thanks for sharing all of your fabulous finds. score on the choco's!


Louise Williams

Yay for you and your new camera!! Lucky thing, my dad is in England at the mo and he's been sent with a list to check duty free prices.. LOL

Gorgeous layout and gorgeous pic, Abby is soooo photogenic! that album is looking stunning!


Yay - go you - awesome news about the camera. I can see lots more gorgeous photos turned into more great layouts to scraplift lol. I have managed to achieve a couple more pages in the kids album I'm determine to finish these albums we'll se lol
Love that you got chocolate for mothers day ya can't go wrong with chocolate - me too rose don't want to open the box tho cos then they'll be finished I can be restrained while they are unopened but once that box is opened they are gone.


I loved the idea of your kids' album the first time I read about it here (that's when I bookmarked your blog :) ... never did a thing about it though... maybe with the recap tomorrow, I might be able to get started! Love your work!


well that didn't take long at all, so glad you are happy with your new camera and at a better price than you thought. Love it when that happens!


Oh wow, I can't believe how grown up Abby looks! Sad state of affairs when it's cheaper to fly to Oz than to the SI isn't it...


Congrats girl on BPS!

Kelly Slattery

Phew! You're gonna get me back on track with the kids books ;o)

Sarah Schwerin

Yes - I must get to that album! But oh dear - I started the album with the title page a couple of weeks ago when my daughter was still 4. She just turned 5! Oh no! Now I'll have to re-do the page! LOL!!
Can't believe it's cheaper for you to get to Sydney than it is to get to the South Island! OMG!

Sarah Schwerin

Oh and PS: Don't forget to get your Inkurable Stampers entry in! LOL!

Nathalie (famille1999)

It looks so cute! I haven't had the time to work more on the girls albums but I plan to very very soon. I still have a couple of pictures to take for it though. Work and other deadlines have creeped up on me and I absolutely need to finish those before going back to some "fun" scrapping. ;D


I don't often post comments but this layout is GORGEOUS! Love the attention to detail. :)


You're so talented! I love all your layouts.


BRING THAT ON! I know it is crazy ain't it! Ausie....cheaper for us, but true. I just can't wait for that. Maybe we can met at the next retreat in augusta, or maybe we should just catch a show and stuff in melbourne or syd.......how cool. Guna mis yah all da same. :-(

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