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May 27, 2008


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Robyn W

i be listening...lol

YEA !!!!

Dave Wilcox

Love the kitties! Just as frustrated with Typepad. What a disaster of an "upgrade".

Delys Cram

Cute kittens Nic and cant wait to see what you do with the Stampin' Up! stuff ..you might give me some ideas as Ive just signed up as a demonstrator!


How the heck did you get those 2 kitties to pose so perfectly like that? :-)


Yep the kitties are GORGEOUS!!

Hey, just an idea for the album.... pop in whatever Abby has done maybe? Or, can one of her friends fill in for her?? The latter is what I am doing for one of the pages cos Mr 4's friends drew them both swinging on teh kindy swings on the birthday card that was made for Mr 4. The picture is so cool, I'm going to use that one - it sums up totally the relationship of the two boys.
Or, yet another option.... get a photo of her drawing and then it doesn't matter what the end result was... it'll be suggestive of her drawing whatever the subject was.

Maybe there's something in there that can work... now, off to do another of MY pages.... LOL


kitties are so cute!! i've never had kitties!!! my dad and bro are allergic and now we have a dog and bird, so a kittie is out of the question!!! i love looking at yours though!! i can just see how soft and fluffy they are and hear them purring thru the puter!

gorgeous layout of suz's photos. love it. brilliant as usual. i think i've forgotten how to scrapbook myself. sad but true.

happy eat everything day! every day should be that! lol


Susan C

Re: Abby's drawing. Does it have to be paper and pencil. What about giving her some playdoh and asking to make a model (then photograph it) or if you have already introduced her to "Kid Pix" or some other computer drawing program for kids get her to do it in that then export the result as a jpg.

Very cute kittens BTW.


After any artistic talent I had has a kid being totally squashed by criticism I have tried to encourage my daughter's talent without influencing her. If you can get hold of the book "magic places" be Penny Brownlee it is an awesome book about nuturing children's creativity. I would send you my copy but I have lent it to someone who didn't bother returning it. Email me back if you want to read it and can't find it. I'll try and track mine down. Most public libraries have it as it is a resource used in playcentres.
Looking forward to the stampin-up posts. I succumbed last week and ordered another bunch of stuff. Their papers are awesome as well as their stamps :-)


I'm listening, I'm listening!! Those kittens make me quite nostalgic for my 'kitten days'! Now we have the neighbour's cat to visit and he just wanders off home or up the street after a while. Don't even have to feed him. Loved your Suz Doyle scrap page even if it is not a Suz Doyle! Cheers!

Tina Mac Queen

Those kittens are just too cute :)Love the floral accents on the page!!


How about you draw with Abby? and if yours isn't so great, well, maybe she will feel better about hers?
Just an idea.
Love to see your layouts. Looking forward to your demos and of course the surprises!


Love that LO... love your story about Paul going on the school trip... because he's older! lol. Love the pictures of the kittens. Love that you're going to give stuff away and post EVERY single day. YAY!

(And yes, unfortunately, I seem to have celebrated your national holiday inadvertently, from half-way around the world. Eeeeeek!)

jane hambly

Hi Nic love your kitties lovely colour and so full of mischief at that age.Have you tried a palette of water colours for abby and a good quality pad just a small one .My Jack has the same responce when askedyet he really enjoyed the little paint brush and the way the colours came out muted and sort of blended.I painted with him and it we added gel pens and a little glitter glue he loved it.Great site and loved your Lo its beautiful.

jane hambly

Thanks for the email nic good luck with the paints.

Christine C

YEA, love stampin up products.
Love the pics of the kittens too - so cute, enjoy them while they are still little - they grow up so fast.

Jill Geraghty-Groves

I want the grey one - she's just gorgeous! You layout of Suz' photo is absolutely divine (as always!!). Too bad you're not cool enough for your kids eh Nic? (You're such a girlie swot!) LOLOLOL =P

Jill Geraghty-Groves

Oh...I just remembered that I don't really know what girlie swot means - hope its not too rude lol!!!


Those kitties are soo cute!

Thanks for stopping my my blog and leaving a comment. I was truly honoured!

Kirsten N

Your two kittens are so cute!!! We got a little grey kitty at Easter and he is kind of a mix between both of yours - mainly grey with a touch of tabby and white. We just adore him! I'll be back to check out the SU posts :)


I'm listening! I'm a poker widow tonight, hubby is out with the boys having friendly game and excuse to sit around and talk sh1t (like we do at crop days!).

Have to do a brag - I finally won page of the day at Rachel's crop day last saturday, first time ever. Was really pleased with layout - is on my blog if you have time to check it out.

Love your blog, check regularly for updates to brighten my evening! Keep it up :) Becks

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