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May 30, 2008


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watching it as I read project runway that is - yum although I'm a Cadbury's girl at heart
loving how you use the Fiskars Threading Water Punch - Rach has finally got hold of some to sell us wish I could say I ran straight down to purchase mine but no cos I still have hers I borrowed the other week (well almost as soon as she got it lol) guess its mine now well once I pay for it - Yay
Looking forward to all the Blogging next week


i am calling you on the 'answering' emails bit - :P


Gorgeous layouts as usual. what fun to learn about you. i saw a lot of myself in your answers! especially the cadbury chocolate and staying at home.

i don't watch project runway or top model, but maybe i'll start checking them out. i do know i can't watch tv and answer emails. only if there were commericals, but since we tivo everything, no commercials.

i do know i miss scrappin. gotta get back into it somehow.

enjoy your weekend.

Cath S

Clothes out of chocolate wrappers? No wonder you needed to concentrate ;-)


Love your layouts! Pleased to see you are a Cadbury girl, can't eat anything else in this house coz my DH works for them!! :)


Hi there

Actually went to my first Stampin'Up party the other night. Very cool! The demonstrator was Louise Hopman of Howick, Auckland - did a great job! The main thing I came away with was just how much I under-utilise my stamps! And the beauty that is Versamark! Wow!


Very cool! A circle journal. I was wondering what on earth got you doing a two-page LO. lol

I hope your home renovations finish up quickly. The mess and disorganization you describe in your home... my house is like that ALL the time, and we're not doing any construction around here. *sigh*

Delys Cram

HI Nic Im a Stampin' Up! demonstrator..just started! OMG Im gonna have a love affair with their stamps I tell ya!


Hi Nic
I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and have been checking back ever since. I was so pleased to see you using Stampin' Up! products. I am a demonstrator (1 year yesterday!)and absolutely love it. (My eldest son, aged 8, just commented that he never knew 'mucking around with stamps could be a job!' I am fortunate to be a member of a fantastic team of ladies from all over NZ, and would be happy to put people in touch with a demonstrator near them - fun and creativity guaranteed!!


LOL at Under the Mountain - they played it here in Aus and I was sooo creeped out by the slug guys and the goo. The book was in the school library as well. Looking forward to your week o' Stampin Up !


dont you mean cadbury AND swiss??? LOL Under the mountain musta been before my time?? dont know it.rofl. actually i just watched the worlds fastest indian...LOVED it, esp. all the kiwi jargon. so when are we gonna see a pic of you in your chocolate wrappers??? greetings from ova the way.


SO beautiful!

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