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May 08, 2008


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Beverley Cunningham

that would be annoying that ERR message kids can be hard to get a good photo as it is without having to switch the camera off I would probably seriously think about replacing (mothers day pressie?) I haven't commented before and only recently discovered your blog its an awesome blog which has made me enter various competitions including scrapscene isnt it great about the kiwis my sister Kim Fifield got an honourable mention too and she considers herself a kiwi too even though living in OZ so there is even another kiwi.
your layout is gorgeous

Louise Williams

you'll have to write another fabo book to pay for you a new camera!! My wee aging Kodak (funny how old it seems - only 3 years old) is also playing up. Flash goes off at odd moments and it doesn't always focus when I want. Been eyeing up a new SLR too... hmmm not too sure about all the extra lenses etc though, want something small enough to carry around without needing a backpack.

Gorgeous layout as always!!


My 350 D was doing something similar..the camera place said the shutter or button was worn out and needed relplacing....so it was cheaper to get a new one :)it was a few hundred dollars even to just get them to look at it...so I now have a 400D :)

Rachel Greig

Hi Nic! Don'tcha just LOVE those ERR 99's !!!! (not!) I have had a few of those, and most often it really is a case of the lens not communicating with the camera body. Are you using a Canon lens? Do any of the contacts on the lens look like they may be worn? Have you taken the camera in to a technician to see if they can look over it? I'm not sure where your local Canon dealer is, but it may be worth a shot. You should be able to get a quote on having it looked at too, so you can figure out how much it would be to fix (or even if it is fixable).
Here's a link that might give you some info:

Good luck with it - if all else fails, don't feed the kids for a month and go buy the new camera ;)


looking at your photos, i could NEVEr telll that you have troubles with your camera! they are always just gorgeous. i too shoot only on auto!!!! good luck with your camera woes. i dream of a canon 5D myself.

gorgeous layout as always.


Pffft to shooting in anything other than auto LOL. 400D's are getting so cheap now and seriously how is one expected to continue their art without being able to take candid photos ;) Near impossible me thinks hehe.


Get the 400D!!!!!! I know what it feels like to repose and curse and miss the moment.
Happy Blog Hopping!


reading but presumably not commenting? ;)

GO FOR THE CAMERA, dudelah! you need it!


can't wait to see how long it takes you before you break and get a new camera, not long with all the encouragement in the comments here. thanks for the link to Cathy, I hadn't visited her blog for awhile but she cracks me up!

ngaire Bartlam

Blog looks great nic!


Love your pages. Love CathyZ's blog. Love that you're shopping for a new camera... I say go for it! :)


Someone else mentioned the lens, and that was my thought too. Have you tried a different lens? Could be that one got bumped and it's not fitting as tightly or communicating well with your cam. Of course, I'm all for a new cam if you can swing it! I had a big garage sale to afford my last camera body. Good luck!


Mine was the same dude....and it was the replacement of the entire rear focus assembly...very expensive sounding but I was a cleaver duck and brought the 5 year warranty.....yay for me....the first time any of those things have ever paid for themsleves.
Reckon that 450D calling!

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