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May 10, 2008


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once again you amaze me with your work, and yes i have purchased two albums and two sets of refils for the kids album but have i taken any photos to put in the album.... ummmmmm... let me think NO! so I think I need to work on that this weekend since harvey norman has photo editing specials.

Chris M

Have a wonderful day cropping today!! Love all your Tari designs this month!! Awesome gallery over there! I've slipped a bit with my kids albums while I get up to date with DT work. Hopefully will start and finish on them later this week!

Beverley Warwick

I loved the tarisota gallery this month! Some very awesome work from you and the other girls. Now, I'd be one of those who started the kids album and need to do something about finishing it. On the up side, I found my notes about Jessi's favourite things so I can do that page...


I'm standing up to say I started the Kids Album with you. And I'm throwing my arms in the air cheering to say that I finished it last week (all 24 pages of it!). Woohoo! Thanks so much for the kick-along to do it. It is easily my favourite mini album I've created. Mega-simple, even boring design, but jam packed with tidbits of information that would otherwise have been overlooked.

Kate Mills

i AM STANDING UP!! Started but not finished and I spilt tea on it. I think I have salvaged it. Any way too many night shifts. I will take it to scrap camp if I really have too. It will be finished before she is six!!!


I'm standing up too. I have a few more pictures to take and drawings to get the kids to do. But they are still being work on... can I say I've been going at our own pace and get away with that?? It is going to get finished cos the few pages I've done for each Mr has gone down a treat!


I too have not quite finished my book - in fact I've not done anymore on it since I sent you my pages (oops, lol!) You can count me in (again!) Got any great ideas for mother's day cards, that's tonight's project... nothing like being organised huh?! Ha ha ha


Well I finally started tonight completed the first page for each of them want to keep going now but I guess tomorrow is another day lol Thanks Nic
Hope you had a lovely day


just browsing around your blog today...nic you are so flippin' talented...miss you!


*waving* Me, me, me! I started and haven't finished. I think I may need to stray from the themed pages, but I will finish the albums up in some way, shape or form. I have to. Because I will not let you down. (Plus I ordered empty albums to house the LOs...)


Yay - I've just got three pages to go out of the eighteen but will probably do more - there are more pages in the 6x12 album I have. Will send the 5 new pages I've done later to Nic - tomorrow maybe? Love looking at everybody elses pages. Have I tried to whip through the pages now? Yes. I've concentrated on simplicity and matching up double LOs for speed!


LOL - hands up here... have all the photos & it's on my mind... just not getting actioned LOL. loving all these colours!


I just showed my 3 year old the crazy frog, he concurred, its very scary...he has problems with those cartoon flies/bugs from the raid commercials sneaking into his dreams....luckily he already sleeps in our bed ;)
Im going to try your kids album when hes 4, i think his answer to everything ATM would be 'hole'...you have boys, you know what i mean......

Anabelle O'Malley

Nic, these are amazing. I love the flower/spools thing. Your Leting Go layout is so touching. Ryan starts K in the fall and I'm feeling the same way...

Tammy Tutterow

I absolutely LOVE what you did with all of the Pink Paislee! Gorgeous creations.

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